Waste Conversion Assessments – Five-Year Diversion Plan, Carlsbad, California

SCS Engineers reviewed Carlsbad’s existing waste-diversion programs in order to evaluate the contribution of each program to the existing diversion rate. Based on that evaluation, enhancements were identified to increase the efficacy of existing programs.

SCS also identified new diversion programs that could enhance the City’s overall diversion rate. In total, seven residential, four non-residential, and four city programs were recommended for expansion or addition.

Furthermore, recommendations were made to incorporate new ordinances and household hazardous waste program alternatives that could be included in the City’s stable of diversion programs and supporting policies. Waste generation projections included in the study will help the City to anticipate potential increases in waste disposal, as well as the amount of waste needing diversion for the City to exceed diversion goals. These projections were also used to estimate the potential effectiveness and diversion rates for the recommended programs.