Environmental Earthwork and Soil Decontamination

SCS Engineers has extensive experience developing and implementing management plans for contaminated soils and other media, which must be handled carefully. Some contaminated soils and media contain hazardous substances in amounts Environmental-Earthwork-and-Soil-Cleanupsufficient to be considered hazardous waste, and mismanagement of hazardous substances can result in substantial liabilities.

Some jurisdictions allow contaminated soil and other media to be managed within an area of contamination and/or to be treated on-site. SCS Engineers has extensive experience characterizing contaminated soils, which we can perform in-situ, allowing for direct loading of the soil during excavation. We can even perform the analysis “on-the-fly” when the unexpected is encountered.

SCS provides turn-key solutions with our team of regulatory specialists, engineers, and equipment operators.  Our environmental earthwork services include:

  • Construction of compacted soil and multi-media caps over contaminated soils
  • Implementation of groundwater pump-and-treat systems
  • Excavation of contaminated soils and implementation of ex-situ bioremediation
  • Implementation of in-situ bioremediation systems
  • Construction of soil vapor extraction systems with carbon filtration and/or air sparging
  • Implementation of cut-off trenches and/or permeable treatment media to control migration of contaminated groundwater or soil vapors
  • Odor and dust control during excavation, including air monitoring and use of enclosures
  • Asbestos and Lead Sampling, Abatement Oversight, and Clearance Sampling