Brownfields, Due Diligence, Economic Development: Chesterfield Square Mall and Commercial Development

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Katell Properties wanted to develop Chesterfield Square, an outdoor mall and commercial development sorely needed in south Los Angeles. The planned development was to include a Home Depot, Food-4-Less grocery market, fast food restaurants, and other commercial businesses important for the economic revitalization of the community.

Future development and revitalization of properties are dependent on the assessment and risk-based quantitative criteria and remediation of the proposed sites. Katell Properties hired SCS Engineers to meet all closure regulations; qualitative standards that are protective of human health and the environment and that minimize post-closure releases of hazardous waste and for specific constituents contained in waste materials, media, and debris.

Chesterfield Square after

The properties selected for development included a former lumber mill, dairy creamery, strip shopping center, metal reclamation yard, and other commercial uses. Many of the existing buildings were suspect for asbestos.

On behalf of the developer, SCS completed Phase I Assessments for several parcels of land at the southwest corner of Western and Slauson Streets. The results of the Phase I Assessments indicated the historical presence of underground storage tanks, which contained various hazardous materials and petroleum hydrocarbons. SCS conducted Phase II assessments, which verified the presence of the tanks and releases of petroleum hydrocarbons.

To proceed with remediation, SCS developed a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), which met all applicable, relevant, and appropriate regulatory requirements. SCS professionals met with representatives of the California Business Revitalization Center, the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), and the City of Los Angeles Eighth District Councilman’s Office to explain the CAP. The remediation approach was approved and successfully implemented.

Several underground storage tanks were removed from the site and remediation was completed with SCS oversight. Based on the work and reports completed by SCS, the underground tanks were closed, and remediation concurrence was obtained from the regulators.

Soil samples were collected and analyzed to confirm that all remediation goals were achieved. SCS worked closely with regulatory agency personnel to ensure that expedited reviews were completed assuring groundwater cleanliness and safety to the satisfaction of the Los Angeles RWQCB in a timely manner.

SCS completed asbestos inspections for many of the buildings and directed remediation on five site parcels; obtaining regulator closure for the safe development of the properties.

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