American Coal Ash Association

American Coal Ash Association Winter Membership Meeting

February 4, 2020

Meet SCS Senior Vice President Mike McLaughlin at the American Coal Ash Association’s Winter Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 4 & 5.

The program includes a Board of Directors Executive Session as well as Committee Meetings, a Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon, and industry leadership speaking about such topics as:

  • Current activities of the National Coal Council;
  • Where U.S. Energy Policy is Headed;
  • How Much CCR is Out There;
  • Converting CCR Liability to an Asset;
  • Carbon Capture and Use in Cement and Concrete Products;
  • The Current Outlook for U.S. Infrastructure Improvements;
  • An Anti‐trust Refresher;
  • and more.

The program also feature a welcome reception and additional opportunities to network with industry leaders.



Posted by Laura Dorn at 8:00 am