Dave Hostetter

September 13, 2019

Control Engineering is a publication for automation engineers who design, implement, maintain, and manage control/instrumentation systems, components, and equipment for a wide range of industries and manufacturers. The magazine’s Engineering Leaders Under 40 Program recognizes professionals under the age of 40 who are making a significant contribution as control and plant engineering professionals. Dave Hostetter of SCS Engineers is one of these recognized for his professionalism and contributions this year. Dave’s work supports multiple industries, including waste management, and he is well known for his work designing and implementing remote monitoring and control systems, called RMC.

In 2014, finding most systems inadequate and too expensive for waste management, SCS Engineers developed and launched a new technology platform called SCS eTools©. The SCS RMC© component is used to control remote equipment and alert operations to changes in conditions.

RMC systems are useful for reducing operations, maintenance, monitoring, and reporting costs; decreasing risk; and increasing the ability to understand, operate, and troubleshoot control systems and equipment. Overall, RMC systems improve the owner/operator’s quality of life and the bottom line by allowing them to get the most out of their control systems and equipment.

David Hostetter
Dave loves creating, whether it is on the beach with his family, “inventions” with his daughter, or brewing beer.

Dave is the SCS RMC Regional Manager for all states east of the Mississippi. His responsibilities include developing and implementing RMC technologies for use in environmental control systems. These systems, such as cloud-based SCADA, help private industry and municipalities achieve their environmental goals, protect workers, and help minimize operational costs.

Dave is a leader in applied technology for the waste industry – he listens to his clients’ concerns and goals, keeping his solutions focused on their needs. Respected by his clients, peers, and SCS co-workers, he delivers sustainable solutions that balance the clients’ need to provide services and products while protecting our environment.

Young himself, he embraces the SCS culture of dedicating himself to developing other young engineers into future leaders like himself and sharing his knowledge for the betterment of industries and the environment.

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May 10, 2016

Penton’s Waste360 Unveils the Next Generation of Leaders in the Waste and Recycling Space Award

Dave Hostetter, SCS Engineers
Dave Hostetter, SCS Engineers

The Waste360 “40 Under 40” awards program recognizes inspiring and innovative professionals under the age of 40 whose work in the waste, recycling, and organics industry has made a significant contribution to the industry. Dave Hostetter focuses on designing landfill gas systems and landfill gas flare systems.  Although still considered a young professional himself, he serves as a mentor to other engineers, providing guidance with hands-on design as well as professional guidance.

Dave is a LEED® Accredited Professional (LEED AP) and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).  He brings to SCS Engineers an abundance of expertise and fresh ideas. Dave has a keen eye for troubleshooting and diagnosing control system issues. He serves SCS clients wholeheartedly and goes out of his way to provide assistance as well as the expertise needed to make their day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible.  Dave has participated in a multitude of landfill gas and leachate system designs, including designs for blower and flare stations, wellfields, gas conveyance piping, leachate pumping systems, and groundwater extraction systems.  His vast and varying experience, honest and hard-working approach to projects, and his positive attitude make him a respected resource within the firm.

Dave lives the SCS mission, and clients trust him for his honest and comprehensive approach to their challenges. Dave takes ownership of his work and puts in the time and effort to deliver excellent results and maintain a great relationship with his clients. “Dave Hostetter sets the example of how an honorable, dynamic, and experienced engineer should act at SCS,” said Paul Mandeville, Senior Vice President and Director of SCS’s offices on the east coast. “Dave serves as a model of what young professionals and students should strive to become in their professional and personal careers; we are very proud of him.”

Please join SCS in congratulating Dave Hostetter on his recent recognition by Waste360.

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