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March 21, 2022

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The City of Lincoln flag adopted in 2021 illustrates the interconnection of technology, agriculture, commerce, and Lincoln’s beautiful skyline that continues to draw people to here.


The City Council of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, recently approved a four-year service agreement with SCS Engineers for comprehensive environmental solutions and technology supporting the Solid Waste Management Division and Lincoln Water System.

The contract provides professional engineering and technical support for the City’s two Solid Waste Management Facilities, located on Bluff Road and North 48th Street in Lincoln. Modern landfills such as these contain complex systems to protect the health of nearby communities and the environment. Lincoln’s Solid Waste Management Division uses SCS professionals’ expertise and proprietary software for air quality and gas collection and control systems (GCCS), operations, monitoring, and maintenance. These environmental services keep the landfills fully compliant with regulatory requirements while aligning with the City’s system performance goals and anticipated operational and maintenance activities.

The City is using SCSeTools® software designed for landfills to support managing the monitoring data to gauge operational health continually. The firm’s comprehensive environmental services include sampling and monitoring groundwater, stormwater at both facilities, and leachate analysis at the Bluff Road Landfill.

SCS assists with scheduled testing and reporting to federal, state, and local agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Nebraska’s Department of Environment and Energy, and the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department. Primarily these public reports cover monitoring summaries, statistical analyses of analytical results, and review of emission sources, factors, and calculations associated with the GCCS. They also include greenhouse gas reports, estimates, Title V permit requirements and documentation, NPDES General Permit support, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans.

Michael Miller, an SCS vice president and one of the firm’s environmental due diligence experts, said,” We’re privileged that the City of Lincoln entrusts us to partner with its professionals to maintain the landfills’ safe and efficient operations. The Solid Waste Management Division and Lincoln Water System support the citizens with essential services and the environment; we’re honored to assist.”







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August 27, 2021

Dave Hostetter pictured third from left with other local young professionals building careers at SCS Engineers. We’re proud of them all!


The Central Penn Business Journal selected SCS Engineers’ David P. Hostetter, PE, LEED AP, and CEM, as a 2021 Forty Under 40 recipient. The Journal editors recognize young individuals for successful professional accomplishments, community service, and commitment to inspiring positive change.

Hostetter combines his engineering expertise with technology to reduce industrial environmental impacts in Pennsylvania. As the Business Manager for SCS’s Remote Monitoring and Controls (RMC), he is responsible for managing and building environmental solutions to identify and reduce potential greenhouse gas emissions, which protects the health and welfare of workers and air and water qualities.

Dave believes that it is his responsibility to give back to other young professionals through mentoring. He says, “I was blessed to have Tom Conrad, a co-founder of SCS Engineers, mentor me at the beginning of my career with SCS.” Now retired, Tom Conrad is also receiving recognition for his lifelong work protecting the environment.

The local and global communities also benefit from Hostetter’s work as a small-group leader and children’s Sunday-school teacher at his church in Lancaster and co-sponsorship of the Eagle Scout’s construction of a disc golf course in northern Lancaster County. He has served with Habitat for Humanity and worked with Cure International to perform an energy audit of an overseas hospital.

Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, Senior Group Publisher of the Central Penn Business Journal, said, “These honorees help to make Central Pennsylvania a wonderful place to live and to work. The Central Penn Business Journal is pleased to celebrate their accomplishments.”

A celebration of these young professionals is scheduled on October 14 in Harrisburg, pending health precautions. The Journal will profile all of the Honorees in its October 15 edition available online at CPBJ.com.


Our thanks and congratulations to Dave and all of the people who help protect and enhance our communities!







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December 3, 2019

To support the growing use of technology by municipalities, in waste management, and by industrial and manufacturing clients, SCS Engineers is opening new offices. The newest office is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The office provides environmental engineering, consulting, and is the base for the east coast SCS Remote Monitoring and Control® (RMC) professionals.

The office is the third SCS location in Pennsylvania, and is located at:

SCS Engineers
1861 Charter Lane
Suite 107
Lancaster, PA 17601

Tel: +1-717-550-6330

SCS RMC® works closely with the firm’s business sectors developing software, applications, and support services, which harness technology to capture, track and evaluate environmental data, provide remote monitoring and controls, and drone services with advanced capabilities.

The SCS RMC® platform and applications help public and private clients control their equipment remotely, collect data and use the data to enhance their productivity, reduce their operations and maintenance costs, and reduce their environmental risk. The tools are versatile; SCS programmers, engineers, and scientists are available to develop custom applications meeting a spectrum of industrial environmental objectives for groundwater, leachate, air monitoring, and landfill gas management.

SCS RMC® uses a network of sensors and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications to help minimize equipment downtime by alerting staff to maximize production or to an operational safety issue. The system supports additional monitoring components as operations grow, providing facility owners and operators with a single secure application for their supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), data management, and reporting needs.

SCS RMC® is experiencing exponential growth, as industrial operations need technology most when reaction time is essential to avoid production downtime and continue operations within regulatory mandates to maintain public safety standards.

To discover how these and other next-generation technologies can support your operations, contact SCS at , or use the links below to explore:




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