Post-Closure Care Terms – RCRA Subtitle D

June 10, 2019

The EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requires landfill operators to maintain post-closure care for 30 years, though states will adjust the term according to when they determine ending this care will not threaten human health or the environment. Industry stakeholders say it’s not enough guidance because it does not provide how states should assess for impact on human health or the environment, nor how to determine when to transition from active post-closure care to custodial care. Regulators tend to default to an extension of terms. Again data collection plays a significant role in determining the post-closure care term.

“The whole purpose of the post-closure care term is to provide enough time for landfills to become stable. One way to assess is by determining if functional stability has been achieved, which entails looking at performance metrics like leachate management, settlement, landfill gas control, and groundwater monitoring,” says Bob Gardner, of SCS Engineers.

Looking at these metrics, once it’s determined that functional stability has been achieved, these active systems may be able to be turned off, with only passive controls like cover remaining in place.

Monitoring may be done less frequently or not at all. “EPA acknowledges that back in the 1980s, it did not know how systems, primarily liner systems, would perform under new Subtitle D rules. But based on monitoring of these systems over the past 25 years, we know that they perform well to prevent migration of contaminants to groundwater,” says Gardner.

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The Impact of Smart Technologies on the Waste Market

December 27, 2017

SCS provides insight into technologies useful today and tomorrow for waste collection, material recovery facilities, environmental monitoring, and landfill operations.

Not only do these technologies support facilities with their day-to-day operations, they have a positive impact on the market and on safety.

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SCS Engineers Expands Landfill, Environmental, and Operations, Monitoring and Maintenance (OM&M) Services

September 8, 2015

Utah, one of the four states where SCS Field Services has recently expanded their Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance services to support SCS Engineers environmental consulting.
Utah, one of the four states where SCS Field Services has recently expanded their Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance services to support SCS Engineers environmental consulting.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. – SCS Engineers recently announced the opening of a new office near Salt Lake City, expanding services to clients in the Western region of the U.S. The new office is located at:

SCS Engineers | SCS Field Services
1952 West Parkway Boulevard,
West Valley City, UT 84119
Tel: +1-801-849-2160

SCS continues to provide environmental engineering and consulting services to municipal and private sector clients, and has expanded the range of its SCS Field Services Division to provide clients in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Montana with a variety of landfill, landfill gas (LFG), and landfill gas to energy (LFGTE) services, including LFG collection and control system operations, monitoring, and maintenance services.

SCS also offers SCSeTools®, a platform for data management software used at landfills to improve operational safety, data collection, and analysis to meet the new EPA compliance rule. SCSeTools currently features SCS DataServices®, SCS Remote Monitoring and Control®, and SCS MobileToolsTM and is in use at over 600 landfills nationwide. The unique combination of high-level technical engineering services with practical, hands-on operations expertise, including compliance data management is not typically available from other environmental engineering firms.

“Our intent is to continuously expand our support to clients in these states,” said Galen Petoyan, Senior Vice President of SCS Field Services OM&M Division. “We continue to use highly-skilled professionals with plenty of field experience, and our ability to analyze a landfill’s data has helped us become even more dependable and cost-effective on closed and active landfills.”

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