May 28, 2024

SCS Engineers recently attended the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (FAEP) Annual Conference held in Orlando on April 25 and April 26, 2024. FAEP was founded in 1987 as an affiliate of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) and has eight local chapters throughout the State. This annual conference aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among environmental professionals from Florida and beyond.

Michael Sznapstajler, Allison Amram, and Whitney Rodriguez.

A panel of brownfield redevelopment experts featuring SCS’s Whitney Rodriguez, P.E., Allison Amram of Hillsborough County, and Mike Sznapstajler of Cobb Cole discussed the regulatory framework, available incentives, and liability protection available under the Florida Brownfield Program.

Whitney, along with the other members of the SCS brownfield practice, has successfully obtained millions of dollars in Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credits for clients. One featured project was the City of Oviedo’s Regional Stormwater Pond. The City acquired former agricultural land intending to construct a large stormwater pond to facilitate regional redevelopment, including a community park and trail around the perimeter. Given the past land use, the soil testing results showed arsenic impacts. SCS defined the extent of arsenic-impacted soil and developed a remedial action plan, implementing it concurrently with pond construction. SCS developed a remedial strategy that fits within the City’s budget and time constraints and secured an excess of $1 million reimbursed through Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credits.


Amy with her beautiful award!

SCS’ Amy Guilfoyle received thanks and recognition for serving on the FAEP Conference Planning Committee as the 2024 Technical Chair. She was honored to receive the Hasbrouck Award “In Appreciation of Outstanding Service to FAEP.”

Amy has been an active member of NAEP, FAEP, and the Central Florida Chapter since 2011, serving on the board of directors of all three groups and as the President of both FAEP and the Central Florida Chapter for multiple years. In addition, Amy acted as the co-chair of the 2013 FAEP Conference and was a member of the FAEP Conference Planning Committee from 2015 to 2019.

In 2023, the FAEP established the Hasbrouck Award, named after Bruce Hasbrouck, a long-time supporter and promoter of NAEP, FAEP, and the Tampa Bay Chapter. Having served as the President of each group for multiple years, Bruce continues to support the organization and its membership actively. Amy was the second recipient of this award after Bruce in 2023.


“Looking to Bruce for guidance and support over the years makes the award even more special to me,” said Amy.


About FAEP: FAEP is a multidisciplinary professional association of Environmental Professionals from various disciplines, including biologists, scientists, geologists, environmental engineers, environmental attorneys, wetland scientists, botanists, planners, and other disciplines that perform environmental work. A Board of Directors consisting of five officers, eight local chapter representatives, three at-large elected members, and an NAEP representative govern FAEP. Click to become a member of FAEP.

About SCS Engineers: SCS Engineers is an exciting, challenging, rewarding place to work that is recognized as an industry leader. SCS is comprised of specialized practices in the design, monitoring, permitting, construction, operation, and maintenance of sustainable environmental solutions serving many business sectors. We work to prevent, mitigate and remediate environmental events, and our employee-owners are recognized for their deep knowledge of environmental regulatory systems and success for our clients.





Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am