September 20, 2023

The SMRI Fall conference features technical presentations and classes, field trips, workshops, and networking opportunities. The conference will also be live-streamed on October 2 & 3.

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smri conference 2023
SCS experts Ryan Francis and Carrie Ridley are attending the Solution Mining Research Institute’s Fall 2023 Conference in San Antonio, Texas, October 1-4.


Carrie RidleyCarrie Ridley is a licensed professional geologist with over 20 years of regulatory experience in environmental and engineering geology. A former regulator, she oversaw the Kansas Class I, III, and V underground injection control program (UIC), underground hydrocarbon storage program, and the water well program. She also has experience as an RCRA project manager and permit writer. Early in her career, Ms. Ridley on geotechnical drilling programs and transportation-related construction QA/QC. More recently, she was the Primary Investigator and Project Manager of a Department of Energy CCUS project and worked on projects related to Carbon Sequestration, Critical Minerals, and Hydrogen Storage. Connect with Carrie on LinkedIn.

Ryan FrancisRyan Francis, PG, has nearly two decades of experience, including senior management of a nationwide portfolio of petroleum storage tank closures; technical and project management of petroleum soil and groundwater site investigations and remediation; third-party technical review; property administrative controls; and geologist on record for multiple environmental projects in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.




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July 1, 2020

SCS periodically prepares Technical Bulletins to highlight items of interest to our clients and friends who have signed up to receive them.  We also publish these on our website at

Our most recent Bulletin summarizes the 2020 USEPA Adds 172 PFAS Chemicals to EPCRA TRI Reporting Program. The new PFAS rule went into effect on June 22, 2020. However, the rule requires PFAS to be included in TRI reports submitted for all 2020 calendar year activity (i.e., January 1 through December 31). The deadline for submitting the 2020 TRI reports is July 1, 2021.

TRI-Covered Industries include:

  • 212 Mining
  • 221 Utilities
  • 31 – 33 Manufacturing
  • All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing (includes 1119, 1133, 2111, 4883, 5417, 8114)
  • 424 Merchant Wholesalers, Non-durable Goods
  • 425 Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents Brokers
  • 511, 512, 519 Publishing
  • 562 Hazardous Waste
  • Federal Facilities

SCS Engineers will continue to post timely information, resources, and presentations to keep you well informed. These include additional guidance, industry reaction, and webinars for our clients.

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