NSPS landfills

May 27, 2021

odor sources on landfills


All landfills regulated under the NESHAP air program must comply with updated federal regulations by September 2021, including new requirements for landfill gas beneficial use treatment systems and gas system design plans. Additionally, the EPA is finalizing a federal plan implementing new NSPS air rules for landfills modified or constructed before July 2014, and not yet covered under an approved state plan.

At the state level, as part of a continued focus on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, Maryland MDE is expected to publish new regulations this year addressing landfill methane control.

Jacob ShepherdJacob Shepherd, P.E., will cover what landfills need to do to comply with the updated federal regulations and will discuss anticipated new requirements under the MDE regulatory initiative as an example of the direction states are moving.

This discussion takes place at REVISION 2021, an online conference.

For additional information, see our recent blog: Regulatory Alert: MSW Landfills Federal Plan to Implement the Emission Guidelines (EG) and Compliance Times.







Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am