April 16, 2020

Join our SCS employees, family, friends, and clients for a Trivia Night Fundraiser where we can all have some fun and raise a little bit of money for a good cause.

When: Friday, April 17th from 6:30-8 pm ET

What: We will play a virtual trivia game via Zoom. Similar to pub trivia, there are 5 rounds of 10 questions each. BYOB.

How to Join: Trivia game registration is open to anyone, so if you have friends you want to invite, let them know. Teams work best with 4-6 persons each.

Click for instructions to join, donate, or play!

  • If you are not attending, please consider a donation. Any amount is meaningful and is a symbolic show of solidarity to help people during these times of need. All donations are confidential, and these charity events are the only time to provide funding. Use the instructions on the Trivia Registration link above.
  • Everyone is welcome to attend. Have fun and support the effort.
  • If you can’t attend or donate, please ask others to join. That will be a big help.

Protecting those who care for us.

Our doctors, nurses, medical personnel, and caregivers are fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic every minute of every hour, every day. Without the proper personal protective equipment, they are likely to contract this deadly virus simply by continuing to go to work and do their jobs. PPEDonation.com is a non-profit, all-volunteer project that helps get personal protective equipment to medical facilities. The PPE Donation Directory was created to enable citizens and firms with spare PPE to provide them to healthcare providers in need across the nation. The Directory combines existing directories into a single comprehensive, easy-to-use directory of PPE donation centers. PPEDonation.com is a search engine-friendly directory that will reach far more audiences than individual hospital websites and existing PPE donation directories. It solves three challenges:

  1. Hospitals and medical facilities are asking for donations, but are far more likely to get the supplies if their requests show up in a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search.
  2. Businesses, suppliers, and citizens are more likely to donate to facilities nearby, but it is difficult to find local facilities using an Internet search.
  3. Each medical facility needs specific PPE items; not all facilities need all types of PPE– they may need just masks for example. PPEDonation provides facilities by specific needs as well as location.

About the Organization

All work is performed and donated by established marketing, design, technology, and engineering companies. TESSA, along with partners Apertures Design, Slable, BrandPlanet, and SCS Engineers are donating all services required to create and maintain the site.

Posted by Diane Samuels at 5:30 pm