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What do environmental engineers do?

June 16, 2021

environmental engineers


After answering, we often hear this… That’s cool; I didn’t know that!


Here at SCS, we work for developers, industry, and manufacturers to help them run cleaner, safer, and more efficiently. This PBS video provides insight into how SCS brings value to the waste industry, our clients, and, most importantly, our communities.

  • Reduce waste
  • Turn waste into energy
  • Protect and clean the air, soil, and water

You may ask yourself, don’t pig farms create pollution? Yes, but even that waste is reusable!

Did you know the food you buy in the grocery is supported by our environmental experts? Learn more about SCS’s environmental engineers and consultants who bring contaminated properties back to life, lower and capture greenhouse gases for fuels and renewable energy, and make possible a brighter future.

If you are interested in becoming an SCS Engineers employee-owner, watch our comprehensive video to see the breadth of services our teams offer.











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SCS Engineers Partners with Manchester Financial Group to Support Manchester Pacific Gateway Development

June 26, 2018


SCS Engineers is working with Manchester Financial Group on the $1.5 billion, 3 million square foot development named Manchester Pacific Gateway. “This iconic development on San Diego’s waterfront will consist of four double-size blocks and include a 17-story, 372,000-square-foot Navy headquarters as well as office space, hotels, retail, parking, plazas and green space,” said Perry Dealy, Project Manager.

The complex will add 2,500 underground parking spots and provide pedestrian and vehicle connections between downtown San Diego and San Diego Bay. The hotels alone will generate more than $12 million a year in Transient Occupancy Tax revenue and more than $10 million annually in property taxes. Pacific Gateway is expected to add more than 2,400 construction jobs and nearly 4,000 permanent jobs to the region.

Manchester Financial Group recently celebrated its groundbreaking on June 1st with plans for mass excavation to commence on August 1, 2018. Manchester Pacific Gateway is sited on the Navy Broadway Complex, which covers eight blocks of Downtown San Diego, bordered by Pacific Highway, Broadway and Harbor Drive.

SCS will provide environmental engineering and oversight of the soil excavation project. The plans include excavating approximately 700,000 cubic yards of soil, which is the entire site footprint down 30 feet. During the grading, SCS will direct the removal of soil for beneficial reuse or proper disposal ensuring the health and safety of workers, the community and eventually tenants.

“We supported the redevelopment since its inception and during the intricate planning years,” said Dan Johnson, SCS Vice President and a National Expert on Brownfields and Landfill Redevelopment. “It’s exciting to be part of such a transformative project for San Diego.”

  • A video of the Manchester Pacific Gateway is available here 
  • See more projects and environmental success stories by clicking here.



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