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March 21, 2023


SCS Engineers welcomes Ryan D. Francis as Environmental Services Project Director in Texas. He investigates and remediates petroleum or chlorinated solvent-contaminated properties for continued use or beneficial reuse.

Mr. Francis is a licensed professional geologist with over 16 years of experience, including senior management of a nationwide portfolio of petroleum storage tank closures; technical and project management of petroleum soil and groundwater site investigations and remediation; third-party technical review; property administrative controls; and serving as the geologist-on-record for multiple environmental projects in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

Ryan supports national clients in the logistics and oil & gas businesses, focusing on midstream and downstream infrastructure, such as underground and above-ground storage tanks, pipelines, and aging infrastructure; many in the U.S. are over 75 years old. He works closely with local and state environmental quality agencies to ensure appropriate environmental protection for each project and to support clients in complicated cases involving multiple responsible parties.

“At SCS, we guide our clients through the regulatory framework as it impacts each project’s work, whether infrastructure or properties, states Vice President Jeff Reed. “Ryan’s deep knowledge of midstream and downstream environmental regulations and ability to target what is most appropriate for the specific environmental conditions is a valuable addition to our O&G and Remediation teams.”

Meet Ryan D. Francis.


Posted by Diane Samuels at 1:33 pm