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Feasibility Studies

SCS Energy has completed more than fifty studies evaluating the economic and technical feasibility of new distributed generation and renewable energy projects.  The recommended projects have ranged in size from 210 kW to 50 MW.  Feasibility studies have been completed for projects in the United States, Latin America, and Asia.

Project Development Services

SCS Energy provides assistance to project owners in all aspects of project development including: utility interconnection applications; assistance in negotiating power/energy sale agreements; environmental permits; and identification of sources of financing. SCS has conducted due diligence investigations on more than 100 existing or proposed landfill gas to energy facilities for investors and banks. The investigations were conducted to support development, refinancing, or acquisition of landfill gas to energy projects.  The total investment covered by these investigations exceeded $500 million.

Detailed Design, Equipment Procurement and Construction

SCS Energy can provide design and construction services in the following configurations:

  • Design-only to support solicitation of independent construction bids;
  • Construct-only using plans/specifications prepared by others; or
  • Design/construct (turnkey).

Most of SCS Energy’s work is undertaken on a turnkey basis.  Click on Design and Construction Projects for examples of projects completed by SCS Energy.  SCS Energy has employed microturbines, combustion turbines, fuel cells and reciprocating engines.  SCS Energy has employed landfill gas, digester gas, natural gas and coal mine methane. SCS Energy has designed 27 waste gas power plants with a total capacity of 45 MW.  SCS Energy has undertaken, on a turnkey basis, landfill gas to pipeline quality gas projects as large as 10.8 mmscfd.

Controls Projects

SCS Energy custom designs and installs Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for distributed generation and environmental control projects.  Click on SCADA Projects to see representative projects undertaken by SCS Energy.  In addition, SCS Energy has provided SCADA systems for all of the distributed generation and renewable energy projects designed and/or constructed by SCS Energy.

Operation/Maintenance Services

SCS Energy operates and maintains distributed generation and renewable energy projects constructed by SCS Energy and by other firms.  For examples of projects operated and maintained by SCS Energy click on O&M Projects.  SCS Energy has designed and implemented improvements for the projects designed by other firms to increase their reliability, improve their efficiency and reduce operation/maintenance costs.  As of January 2009, SCS Energy had operation/maintenance responsibility for 18 power plants having a total capacity exceeding 34 MW.

Biogas Compression/Treatment Skids

SCS Energy has designed and fabricated biogas compression/ treatment skids to supply landfill gas and digester gas to 12 distributed generation facilities.  SCS Energy has designed and fabricated skids to supply fuel to facilities that employ fuel cells, microturbines and reciprocating engines.  The biogas compression/treatment skids have all been incorporated into projects designed and/or constructed by SCS Energy.  The biogas compression/treatment skids are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each application.

Contact Information for SCS Energy:

SCS Energy
3900 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 100
Long Beach, CA  90806-6816
Phone: (562) 426-9544
Contact Name: Jennifer Mancini

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