Cogeneration – Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Systems

SCS Energy® designs co-generation systems, which simultaneously produce electricity and thermal energy using a single fuel source. Our experience includes reciprocating engines, steam or gas turbines, micro-turbines, and fuel cells. Co-generation systems are used in dual-purpose power plants, waste heat utilization systems, and some types of centralized heating and cooling plants.

Extracted or exhaust steam is reused for other processes and has a considerable amount of thermodynamic potential that can be used for power generation. The capital and operating costs of high-pressure boilers, turbines, and generators are substantial, and this equipment normally operates continuously, which is most effective for large-scale operations. Modern systems use a gas turbine powered by natural gas, with the exhaust powering a steam plant that provides heat. These tri-cycle plants can have thermal efficiencies above 80 percent.

SCS designs systems that capture excess heat typically lost by heat engines, meaning consuming less fuel to produce the same amount of useful energy. CHP can be located at a facility or building, or be an energy or utility resource. CHP is typically located at facilities where there is a need for both electricity and thermal energy such as:

  • Commercial offices, hotels, nursing homes
  • Condominiums, apartments, planned communities
  • Colleges and universities, hospitals, military bases
  • Municipal energy systems, wastewater treatment facilities, school systems
  • Chemical, refining, ethanol, pulp and paper, food processing, or glass manufacturers