Anaerobic Digestion

National Expert: Nathan Hamm


SCS offers turn-key services for Anaerobic Digestion plants that convert organic byproducts — such as animal manure, meat and food scraps, wastewater treatment biosolids, used spoiled produce, and more — into carbon-negative renewable energy. Our teams employ decades of energy systems expertise as we analyze the effects of process variation on project success. Our experts model, map, and evaluate complex systems to evaluate plant performance. These systems reduce waste, generate RNG or electricity, produce renewable fertilizer supplements, and support electric utilities and farms pursuing renewable energy. We consider project objectives and requirements while taking your technical, business, and environmental objectives into account.

SCS works with the agricultural and waste industries – farms, digester owners, developers, utilities, governments, and renewable energy end-users. Experience with a diverse client base translates into experience with a variety of stakeholders. You can count on us to craft strategies that are efficient and effective. For us, a successful project isn’t just complete; your satisfaction and excitement for the positive impact on your business and community stakeholders underscores it.

SCS provides expertise in all aspects of project development, including:

Anaerobic Digestion Feasibility Studies

Identifying your project’s best environment and design approach makes desired outcomes achievable.

Thorough feasibility studies provide reliable projections so you can move forward confidently.

Material Testing and Characterization

Sampling, testing, and in-depth analysis of your materials guarantee that what you plan for matches what you receive.

Economic Modeling

Projecting the economic potential of any project informs investment strategies. Our experts use accurate process modeling, historical energy and utility prices, biogas sales prices, government incentives (RINs, LCFS, etc.) to help you identify potential ROI and plan for shifts in the market.

Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Processing Complete Engineering and Design

Combined expertise in anaerobic digestion and renewable natural gas lets SCS provide the highest level of quality at the greatest value to the customer.

Process Optimization and Plant Retrofit

Performance optimization, consulting, analytical testing, and analysis. Engineering and design for plant upgrades, retrofits, or new technology installations.

Why SCS?

Our experts have decades of experience across a variety of industries. You can trust us to craft a project approach that is efficient, effective, and considers the needs of your stakeholders.

We’re technology agnostic. We work with various vendors and manufacturers to ensure you get the right products at the best rate.

We have a full-service offering. SCS has a deep bench of experienced in-house construction, operations, and management teams.

We have a wide reach. Our procurement teams have nationwide resources for labor and materials to keep prices down and construction moving.