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July 26, 2023

Like Carli, immersing yourself into SCS’s expert teams provides young professionals with knowledge and networks to accelerate their environmental careers.


A recent Intern, Carlisle Carroll, joins SCS as an Associate Professional in North Carolina.

Meet Carlisle Carroll, a passionate young professional (YP) who joined SCS Engineers as a summer intern in June 2022. Carlisle worked as a part-time intern during her senior year at North Carolina State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in May 2023. After graduation, she joined the Raleigh, NC, team as a full-time Associate Professional. Jasmyn Oliver of SCS’s Mid-Atlantic Team met with Carlisle one-on-one to hear about her experiences with SCS’s Internship Program and the start of her environmental career.


Congratulations, Carlisle, on your first anniversary with SCS! You started with SCS in June 2022 as a summer intern. How did you learn about the SCS’s internship program?

Thank you! My family owns a construction company, and I worked on a few projects during the summer of my junior year. They were the contractors for a county landfill expansion project in North Carolina. One day that summer, I went to a progress meeting with my mom, who is a general contractor, and met two SCSers from the Raleigh office. They said, “You should apply to our internship program. We’d love to have you in Raleigh.” So, I took their advice and applied. I came in and met everybody, and it worked out nicely.


What was your favorite part about being an SCS intern?

My favorite aspect of my internship was learning more about landfill design. I loved transferring my work on the plan sets and details on CAD into the field and seeing the construction happening in real time. So, it was really nice to be a part of something I was specifically interested in within civil engineering that I couldn’t get a lot of knowledge or experience in throughout college.


Now that you are full-time, can you talk about your responsibilities?

As an Associate Professional, I assist the Raleigh, NC, office with landfill engineering and design projects. I conduct site visits, provide project assistance, and design work in Civil3D. Most of my work involves acting as the county’s inspector, providing Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) to ensure everything’s going smoothly from the start of a project. I think it’s easy for people starting their careers to get comfortable behind their desk and their CAD work. As a young engineer, I believe that going beyond the screen and gaining on-site experience is especially important.


What inspired you to pursue an environmental career in civil engineering, specifically solid waste and landfill design?

My family started their construction company in 1965. And back then, there were hardly any women working in construction. I grew up watching my Nana and my mom, a general contractor, growing in the field. They’re definitely the reason I got into civil engineering and are my biggest role models. My interest in the solid waste industry and landfill design stems from my experience working with them on landfill projects at their construction company.


How would you describe SCS’s culture in three words?

Inclusive – I think working at a company with a strong female presence is awesome. I am very interested in promoting opportunities for females to enter STEM careers, which I’m incredibly passionate about. At SCS, I’ve interacted with many different types of people from different backgrounds and careers, and I appreciate that.

Supportive – Everyone here cares about your success and will give you the support to help you achieve your individual goals and how you picture your perfect career. As a young professional, SCS has a lot of resources and tools to help you grow exponentially from the start of your career.

Versatile – I get the feel of being in a small office where I have those personal connections with everyone and get one-on-one guidance and mentorship. At the same time, I get the advantage of working on a variety of large projects because SCS is a large company.


Carli is onsite at a landfill.

Do you feel that your work at SCS has made a difference to our environment?

I play a crucial role in assisting our engineers, who positively impact the environment. Time under tension is what makes an impact. Now that I am full-time, I am going to have more opportunities to continue making a positive impact on the environment.


What is the coolest project you’ve worked on?

I am providing CQA for one of our landfill clients on an exposed geomembrane cover project. The landfill will eventually reopen this area and remove the exposed geomembrane cover. They chose to do this project based on an odor study and to address community concerns. I think it’s great that a project like this gives the community what they need and want.


What advice would you give to future interns and YPs at SCS?

This sounds so cliché, but I’d tell them to ask all the questions. It’s been the most important thing. As an intern, it lets them know you’re passionate and want to be involved. You want to use the internship to do what its purpose is, which is to learn and grow.


What are you looking forward to while at SCS?

Once I get settled in, I want to get more involved in things like our young professionals’ group and take up outreach opportunities to get more females involved in the industry. But I’m also geared up to work on big projects!


Our clients and SCSers are excited to have Carlisle, another amazing YP, join SCS Engineers as an Associate Professional! 

SCS Project Director, Kenton Yang, PE, shared his enthusiasm for Carlisle joining the Raleigh team,

“We were excited that Carlisle joined us as an intern and felt the program was a success for her and SCS Engineers.  Her proactive interest in joining us part-time and now full-time was impressive, and we are fortunate to have her at SCS.  I hope it’s the beginning of recruiting the best and brightest from NC State!”


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