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July 11, 2024

Jennifer Taylor and Morgan Sykes celebrating well-earned promotions!


Jennifer Taylor has been promoted to Project Director at SCS Engineers. Her exceptional leadership skills have been instrumental in managing a multidisciplinary team and exceeding client expectations. In her new role, she will also oversee the liquids management team in KC, further expanding her leadership responsibilities.

Jenny’s passion for mentoring staff and building client relationships makes her a valuable asset to our team.

Outside work, she enjoys camping in southern Missouri and exploring the Ozark trails on ATVs with her family.

Congratulations, Jenny!



SCS is thrilled to announce the promotion of Morgan Sykes to the esteemed position of Senior Project Manager. Known for his exceptional engineering prowess and dedication to finding innovative solutions for complex projects, Morgan has been a valuable asset to our team since joining SCS in October 2021. His leadership on various engineering-heavy design projects, including transfer stations, has been instrumental in our continued success.

Not only is Morgan a skilled project manager, but he also excels as a mentor, guiding young engineers in the principles of civil engineering design. His diverse talents have made a significant impact on SCS, particularly in the Energy and Construction sectors.

Originally from a ranch in southern Colorado, Morgan’s journey led him to the Colorado School of Mines and eventually to his role as a City Engineer, where he met his wife Tess, a journalist covering City activities. Together, they are proud parents to three children and are currently immersed in planning their eldest’s wedding, attending swim meets, and cheering loudly at soccer games.

Please join us in congratulating Morgan on this well-deserved promotion. We look forward to witnessing his continued success and contributions to our organization.


Please contact SCS Engineers if you are interested in working with our clients to make the world safer and cleaner!




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July 10, 2024

Congratulations to Tim Buelow, Bret Clements, and Kevin Jensen for their environmental leadership.


Since joining SCS in February 2023, Tim Buelow has quickly established himself as a highly respected and trusted advisor within the industry. Known for his thorough evaluation of complex scenarios and ability to consider multiple perspectives, Tim has successfully led unique projects for clients in Iowa. Clients value Tim’s technical expertise and rely on him to provide innovative solutions to their most pressing issues.

Internally, Tim is known for his humility and collaborative nature, always willing to share his knowledge and mentor colleagues with his client-first approach. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Tim has been promoted to Project Advisor, where he will continue to deliver exceptional service to clients at a high technical level.

Outside of work, Tim celebrates important milestones in his personal life, including 20 years of marriage to his wife Heidi and raising two sons. In his free time, Tim enjoys quality time with his family and sharing his passion for music by playing trumpet and euphonium alongside his sons at local churches.


We are thrilled to announce Bret Clements’s promotion to Project Director at SCS! Since 2008, Bret has showcased exceptional leadership, driving the success of key client projects and fostering growth within our engineering team. His dedication and hard work have been pivotal in completing numerous Renewable Natural Gas projects.

Bret is passionate about developing our staff in Overland Park and ensuring their professional growth. His business acumen and analytical skills are vital in addressing business challenges and driving continued success.

Congratulations, Bret, on your well-deserved promotion!


Kevin Jensen has been promoted to the role of Project Manager at SCS. Since joining our team in February 2023, Kevin has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication to our Iowa industrial clients. His commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in compliance and engineering services. Kevin’s proactive approach to client advocacy and his ability to keep our internal team aligned with project goals have been instrumental in our continued success.

A native of north-central Iowa and a graduate of Iowa State University, Kevin brings a wealth of experience from his time at John Deere and ADM before transitioning to consulting in 2016. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys relaxing on his deck, listening to music with his fiancée, and tending to their lively menagerie of two dogs, ducks, and chickens.

Please join us in congratulating Kevin on his well-deserved promotion. We are excited to see where his leadership takes us in the future!


Please contact SCS Engineers if you are interested in working with our clients to make the world safer and cleaner!

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April 19, 2024

Earth Day

Protecting human health and the environment got serious in 1970.

Make your impact on the environment today.

April 1, 1970, SCS Engineers Founded

April 22, 1970, first Earth Day

December 2, 1970, U.S. EPA Founded


Since its inception, the environmental movement has been a force to reckon with, uniting over 1 billion people annually on Earth Day and every day. Together, we have taken significant steps to protect our planet, and our collective efforts continue to make a difference.

Numerous Earth Day events are in the works to celebrate the day and the movement. This year’s theme is “Planet vs. Plastics,” and Earthday.org has some great suggestions for making a difference. Look for events in your area—we all make a difference when we make an effort today, this week, or as part of our careers.

Earth Day Events:




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March 26, 2024

Waste Today Podcast, New Voices: Mateja Vidovic Klanac


Mateja Vidovic Klanac talks about her job as an environmental engineering consultant in the Waste Today podcast series called New Voices. Mateja Vidovic Klanac is a Senior Project Professional with experience in the environmental engineering field, currently focusing on solid waste management. Her experience in solid waste includes involvement in a diverse range of landfill design projects, including lateral expansions, vertical expansions, permitting, stormwater management systems, geotechnical evaluations, modeling, and field experience in observing and documenting construction projects and verifying adherence to plans, specifications, and construction quality assurance plans. Mateja has Master’s Degrees in Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering.

During her interview, Mateja takes us through her educational and professional journey—a fascinating and inspiring one! She discusses the different elements of environmental solutions and how they must integrate economic and social factors into the design to be sustainable and worthy of investment.

Her field experience has greatly influenced Mateja’s innovation of modern solutions. She discusses how she fell into solid waste management, which was not on her radar as a student, but she’s hooked now. “I had never considered working in the solid waste arena before, but that’s when I discovered how interesting and interdisciplinary it is—where my work could positively impact the environment and my community the most,” says Mateja.

While still a young professional, she advises those just starting their careers or still in school. As a woman, she describes how the environmental industry offers many opportunities for women and the remarkable number of choices available to all.

She speaks of the value of networking and her involvement in industry associations and multidisciplinary groups, including the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA), American Water Works Association (AWWA), Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), and Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA), to learn more about solid waste, continue learning, and grow her professional career.

Mateja is a member of the SWANA Young Professionals (YP) Steering Committee and has been the chair of the SWANA YP International Solid Waste Design Competition for several years. The SWANA Design Competition offers students opportunities to work on real-world waste management challenges in a supportive and fun environment. The competition strives to prepare students for similar issues they may encounter after graduation working as engineers or solid waste professionals.

“Mateja and her work at SCS are truly inspiring. We’re proud to say she’s an SCS colleague and professional helping to make significant, positive impacts on our communities, our planet, and for each other,” says Doug Doerr, CEO of SCS Engineers.


What’s next for this remarkable woman? Tune in to find out! Podcast Link










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August 10, 2023

SCS Engineers Environmental Careers
Interdisciplinary environmental careers get a boost from multidisciplinary teams and industry associations.


Most seasoned professionals understand that industry organizations can be impactful in providing opportunities for continued education, business development, networking, and personal and professional growth. Here’s one young professional’s story at an environmental firm that shows the value participation in industry associations and organizations brings to careers.

Leading the way 

Mateja Vidovic Klanac, Project Professional in SCS’s West Palm Beach, Florida, office, is a perfect case study of the steps needed to gain industry knowledge and immerse yourself in your career.

After working in the air quality sector for two years in Croatia, Mateja came to the United States and joined a research team led by Dr. Daniel Meeroff at Florida Atlantic University. She was investigating effective odor control strategies to assist landfill site personnel in managing daily operations based on the weather conditions.

With this exposure, she developed a keen interest in the solid waste industry and shifted her focus away from air quality. Mateja says, “It was important for me to expand my experience and connect with other professionals in the industry to broaden my horizons.”

“I had never considered working in the solid waste arena before, but that’s when I discovered how interesting and interdisciplinary it is — where my work could positively impact the environment and my community the most.”

She sought a position as president of the joint chapter of a multidisciplinary group which included the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA), American Water Works Association (AWWA), Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), and Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) to learn more about solid waste, network, learn, and grow her professional career. During her time as president of the chapter, this joint association at Florida Atlantic University became a more active organization with a mission to promote interest in the environment and the industry.

When Mateja joined SCS Engineers, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that the company supported and encouraged her involvement in these organizations. “SCS sees the value in my leadership position at SWANA. They support my career and learning goals, but it also aids in recruiting and promoting our company culture as we support young professionals looking to learn and contribute.”


Swana award winners
The winning SWANA team celebrates.

SWANA Student YP Design Contest 

Mateja is also a member of the SWANA Young Professionals (YP) Steering Committee and has been the chair of the SWANA YP International Solid Waste Design Competition for several years. The SWANA Design Competition offers students opportunities to work on real-world waste management challenges in a supportive and fun environment. The competition strives to prepare students for similar issues they may encounter after graduation working as engineers or solid waste professionals.

Mateja’s leadership has inspired young professionals to become more involved in solid waste engineering and even moved graduating students to apply for open positions at SCS and become part of the team. “Being involved in SWANA provided a pathway for sharing ideas and challenges with other professionals in the industry while providing students with an opportunity to display their talents and establish a premier networking event where they can connect with potential employers.”



She has also inspired a colleague, Alex Stege, a Senior Project Advisor and 33-year veteran of SCS. He has volunteered his time alongside Mateja for the past two years. “Mateja asked me to assist with the YP design contests because it was specific to my area of expertise; landfill gas (LFG) modeling. I have been leading the SCS non-regulatory LFG modeling practice for over 25 years.”

Alex was critical to the competition because he helped participants understand different methods for estimating LFG generation and emissions. He suggested they evaluate LandGEM and the alternative LFG models derived from their academic research using site-specific waste disposal and LFG recovery data.

Mateja is grateful for his involvement. “Last year, the topic was evaluating the limitations of EPA’s LandGEM and developing an alternative method for estimating landfill methane emissions,” she says. “We chose the topic because of its importance, occurrence in recent industry news, and relevance to climate change.”

“Recognizing this subject matter required Alex’s expertise, I reached out, and he was more than willing to help on the technical side to develop the problem statement and serve as one of the judges. I appreciate the time and effort that Alex contributed to the success of this event.”

Mateja appreciates mentoring others and engaging with colleagues through SWANA. But, more than that, she managed different projects and people to gain exponential leadership experience. For that, the dividends to SCS and Mateja are incredible for the long term.

“She put more work into organizing and directing the design contest events over the past several years than we can appreciate. Besides the meetings and administrative arrangements needed to make the event happen, Mateja developed the design contest problems, including an excellent and timely one this past year,” said Alex.

SCS encourages employees to take on leadership roles if they join a professional organization. The exposure to new ideas, mentor opportunities, and networking is instrumental in growing and sustaining a successful career in engineering – and beyond.

If you want to learn more about the YP program or become more involved in SWANA, contact Mateja or visit Young Professionals (swana.org).


Additional Resources for YPs:



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July 26, 2023

Like Carli, immersing yourself into SCS’s expert teams provides young professionals with knowledge and networks to accelerate their environmental careers.


A recent Intern, Carlisle Carroll, joins SCS as an Associate Professional in North Carolina.

Meet Carlisle Carroll, a passionate young professional (YP) who joined SCS Engineers as a summer intern in June 2022. Carlisle worked as a part-time intern during her senior year at North Carolina State University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in May 2023. After graduation, she joined the Raleigh, NC, team as a full-time Associate Professional. Jasmyn Oliver of SCS’s Mid-Atlantic Team met with Carlisle one-on-one to hear about her experiences with SCS’s Internship Program and the start of her environmental career.


Congratulations, Carlisle, on your first anniversary with SCS! You started with SCS in June 2022 as a summer intern. How did you learn about the SCS’s internship program?

Thank you! My family owns a construction company, and I worked on a few projects during the summer of my junior year. They were the contractors for a county landfill expansion project in North Carolina. One day that summer, I went to a progress meeting with my mom, who is a general contractor, and met two SCSers from the Raleigh office. They said, “You should apply to our internship program. We’d love to have you in Raleigh.” So, I took their advice and applied. I came in and met everybody, and it worked out nicely.


What was your favorite part about being an SCS intern?

My favorite aspect of my internship was learning more about landfill design. I loved transferring my work on the plan sets and details on CAD into the field and seeing the construction happening in real time. So, it was really nice to be a part of something I was specifically interested in within civil engineering that I couldn’t get a lot of knowledge or experience in throughout college.


Now that you are full-time, can you talk about your responsibilities?

As an Associate Professional, I assist the Raleigh, NC, office with landfill engineering and design projects. I conduct site visits, provide project assistance, and design work in Civil3D. Most of my work involves acting as the county’s inspector, providing Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) to ensure everything’s going smoothly from the start of a project. I think it’s easy for people starting their careers to get comfortable behind their desk and their CAD work. As a young engineer, I believe that going beyond the screen and gaining on-site experience is especially important.


What inspired you to pursue an environmental career in civil engineering, specifically solid waste and landfill design?

My family started their construction company in 1965. And back then, there were hardly any women working in construction. I grew up watching my Nana and my mom, a general contractor, growing in the field. They’re definitely the reason I got into civil engineering and are my biggest role models. My interest in the solid waste industry and landfill design stems from my experience working with them on landfill projects at their construction company.


How would you describe SCS’s culture in three words?

Inclusive – I think working at a company with a strong female presence is awesome. I am very interested in promoting opportunities for females to enter STEM careers, which I’m incredibly passionate about. At SCS, I’ve interacted with many different types of people from different backgrounds and careers, and I appreciate that.

Supportive – Everyone here cares about your success and will give you the support to help you achieve your individual goals and how you picture your perfect career. As a young professional, SCS has a lot of resources and tools to help you grow exponentially from the start of your career.

Versatile – I get the feel of being in a small office where I have those personal connections with everyone and get one-on-one guidance and mentorship. At the same time, I get the advantage of working on a variety of large projects because SCS is a large company.


Carli is onsite at a landfill.

Do you feel that your work at SCS has made a difference to our environment?

I play a crucial role in assisting our engineers, who positively impact the environment. Time under tension is what makes an impact. Now that I am full-time, I am going to have more opportunities to continue making a positive impact on the environment.


What is the coolest project you’ve worked on?

I am providing CQA for one of our landfill clients on an exposed geomembrane cover project. The landfill will eventually reopen this area and remove the exposed geomembrane cover. They chose to do this project based on an odor study and to address community concerns. I think it’s great that a project like this gives the community what they need and want.


What advice would you give to future interns and YPs at SCS?

This sounds so cliché, but I’d tell them to ask all the questions. It’s been the most important thing. As an intern, it lets them know you’re passionate and want to be involved. You want to use the internship to do what its purpose is, which is to learn and grow.


What are you looking forward to while at SCS?

Once I get settled in, I want to get more involved in things like our young professionals’ group and take up outreach opportunities to get more females involved in the industry. But I’m also geared up to work on big projects!


Our clients and SCSers are excited to have Carlisle, another amazing YP, join SCS Engineers as an Associate Professional! 

SCS Project Director, Kenton Yang, PE, shared his enthusiasm for Carlisle joining the Raleigh team,

“We were excited that Carlisle joined us as an intern and felt the program was a success for her and SCS Engineers.  Her proactive interest in joining us part-time and now full-time was impressive, and we are fortunate to have her at SCS.  I hope it’s the beginning of recruiting the best and brightest from NC State!”


Join SCS Engineers

If you are interested in the internship program for the 2024 summer, please visit SCS’s Careers page from September 2023 through January 2024 to apply.

Please check our open positions for those interested in a rewarding environmental career as an employee-owner.

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February 27, 2023

integral environmental consulting
Dane County has regular landfill tours and education days to help teach the public and kids about how landfills work, and how environmental consultants help manage them.


What’s Environmental Consulting?

Jackie Rennebohm stands on a landfill in Madison, Wisconsin, pops open a monitoring well, bails some water, and dumps it on the ground while a cluster of neighbors looks on. They see she had no qualms about coming into contact with the liquid— it’s what a young professional does in a day’s work, she tells them.

“I explain that we strategically place the wells to monitor for contaminants that could leak from the landfill but let them know the site is lined for protection. In 30 years, there’s been no detection of pollutants from the landfill,” Rennebohm says.

She’s upbeat, sincere, and informative; they are interested and feel confident in her explanation of landfill science and engineering. Being a good neighbor is a goal of every landfill.

Gaining trust can go a long way on the job and is something Rennebohm has always prioritized. She figures it’s played a big role in her ability to climb the ropes at SCS Engineers and to offer her clients and project managers what they need—that and her attention to detail and her thirst to keep learning.

Her earliest charge as a new geology graduate seven years ago was logging soils and documenting details for groundwater management. She quickly began learning about different soil types; how to classify them; the features of each that affect their ability to carry contaminants; and how and where those contaminants might migrate.


Moving into new territories

how to get into environmental consulting
Jackie with Sujata Gautam, Dane’s Solid Waste Engineer.

As she’s developed in her career, she’s taken on greater roles and now owns more parts of larger environmental consulting projects.

Beyond monitoring groundwater at landfills and water in nearby private wells and reporting her findings to regulators, the ambitious scientist dedicates her time to the remediation of real estate properties. She begins with Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), scrutinizing topographic maps, soil maps, investigation reports from local regulatory agencies, and other historical data to determine if a property likely has hazardous contaminants. Depending on her findings, she digs deeper, conducting a Phase 2 ESA by testing soil and groundwater to confirm if the site is contaminated.

“I like doing Phase 1 Assessments, especially because they really challenge you to be meticulous in identifying issues that could be material concerns. You can’t miss a single detail, or an issue could come up later that could cost time and money for our clients.”

“Developers make huge investments, and if it were mine, I’d want to know I hired someone who will be as conclusive as possible.”

If Rennebohm’s due diligence confirms contamination to resolve, she transitions to remediation planning mode.

“That’s when we move from investigator to developing a sound strategy to protect the health of the neighbors, the environment, and the property developer’s bottom line,” she says.

The plan may entail removing or cleaning impacted soil and, in some cases, installing a vapor barrier to prevent volatile gases from migrating into buildings. The solutions are unique to each site, ensuring the groundwater stays pristine and any new structures are in healthy environments.

She’s gotten good at getting to the route of a problem and coming up with an action plan leveraging conceptual site models. She relies on these models to form a hypothesis, gather data, and then does more research to build on her initial findings. With that comes more knowledge to piece the puzzle together ultimately. “I might start by looking for potential groundwater contaminants, then work to determine where those contaminants would likely move downgradient. Once I collect enough preliminary data about the subsurface, I can form a scientific hypothesis. The deeper I go, the closer I get to having answers to inform possible next steps,” she says.


It takes a keen eye

One of her college professors would say that the best research geologist sees the most rocks. In her eyes, it’s the same principle as being the best environmental consultant.

“It’s about being out there and physically looking at soil sample after sample and analyzing groundwater in multiple scenarios. You get a solid understanding of site conditions across different parts of the state, weighing many variables. The more you observe, the more you learn, and you apply that learning in the field,” she says.

Expanding her knowledge and showing what she can do with it has been key to advancing in her career – and it ties into that priority she broached earlier: gaining trust.

She says you must show your project managers you are ready to work on more environmental consulting tasks.

“It’s been important to my supervisors to see that I understand the conceptual site model to know where we are starting with a project and where we need to go to reach the end goal. As important is offering ideas for how to get there instead of waiting to be told what to do. It’s rewarding that my team trusts my judgment.”


From researcher to environmental consultant

Rennebohm’s found her sweet spot in environmental consulting.

“In school, I really liked geological research, learning about life, time, processes, and change. Research is important, though I also enjoy working in the field to help make meaningful changes. It’s gratifying to see blighted properties transform into valuable assets with purpose. Or to be part of a team drawing up a proposal and winning it. You own your work, and it’s a proud feeling,” she says.

She’s left to run with more these days. She serves as the primary author and reviewer of large environmental reports when she formerly contributed short summaries. And she spends more time with clients than in the days when she’d make a quick call from the field to brief them on one point in the big picture. Now Rennebohm’s their point of contact for scheduling requests, coordinating work, writing proposals, and preparing quotes.


scs engineers environmental young professionals
Jackie says hiking in North Dakota through bentonite deposits, an expansive clay we use quite a bit in our work, is somewhat relatable for her!


What’s ahead

“I see myself doing a lot more on the client relations side. I like interacting with them and coordinating the work needed to meet their goals,” she says.

And she wants to venture further into another territory: business development, a space she hadn’t envisioned herself entering a few years ago.

“While I have a customer service backbone, I thought, I’m a scientist, not a salesperson. But I think differently now that I’ve grown at SCS.”

She’s networking at business conferences and meetings, explaining to residents the important roles of landfills and telling developers how consultants who do environmental site assessments can help them protect their investments.

“I’ve come to realize business development isn’t exactly selling. It’s listening, then working with people. It’s providing clients with the insight to reach their goals,” she says.

Environmental consulting builds mental dexterity. She believes that branching out into more roles and working with more people helps build character.

“I’m becoming more open-minded and breaking out of my shell, and I can contribute more to the big picture. In all I do, I’m working to protect people and the environment.”



Contact SCS Engineers to join our professionals with rewarding careers. in environmental consulting.


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November 18, 2022

The Young Professionals Planning Committee (YPPC) recently got together in Long Beach, California, for our annual meeting. During the meeting, we set goals for 2023, laid out the 2023’s calendar of events, elected new officers, and participated in team-building activities. Team building activities included reviewing our DiSC profiles, tower building focused on cooperation and communication, and a cooking class, whipping up So-Cal favorites with Mexican-themed dishes. The meeting kicked off the new YPPCs tenure, consisting of 13 members from 8 business units representing our Young Professionals across the nation.

The SCS Young Professionals Program was established years ago and includes all employees at SCS Engineers who are 40 years of age and under. The YP Planning Committee produces the Program content and acts as a liaison for the Program between SCS YPs, corporate leadership, and at Board of Directors meetings.
Our membership is spread across various regions of the country to represent the entire company.

We offer a variety of resources and activities for all YPs, including:

  • Monthly email blasts – where we share our goings-on and offer links to our resources
  • Technical and professional development webinars – Various SCSer’s throughout the company volunteer to present on topics that help YPs learn about what our company does and how we can develop professionally.
  • SCS Mentoring Program – Connecting SCSers with mentors and protégés to develop professional relationships, careers, and technical knowledge.
  • Sponsored social activities– It can’t be all work and no play! The YP Program sponsors social outings nationwide to help our YPs get to know each other.
  • Charitable events – The YP Program runs annual company-wide drives and encourages our offices to continue their charitable work locally.
  • Attend SCS internal conferences such as Environmental Services (ES) College and Gurus, where we meet in person to learn, socialize, and network.

For more information check out these pages:




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September 7, 2022

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting
Jared Brown, EIT, and part of the comprehensive teams at SCS Engineers.


Designing environmental solutions. At SCS Engineers, we value our young professionals who bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to our teams. While learning the ropes as an intern, Jared Brown now works full-time as an associate professional in our Raleigh, North Carolina office.

Jared graduated from The Pennsylvania State University State College, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, this past May, earning his Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering and a minor in Environmental Engineering.

Off to a fast start, he recently put to work his growing knowledge of landfill siting and landfill gas development by receiving his EIT License and Certification, a professional designation after passing the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, and an important part of the process to becoming a licensed professional engineer (P.E.).

Jared’s work is significant in addressing climate change, but not in the way he anticipated when he started his SCS internship. “During my internship, I got hooked,” says Jared.

He continues,

In my senior year, following my internship, I added multiple electives in landfill engineering and groundwater protection. My major focus at Penn State was renewable energy engineering, which SCS does, but landfill and landfill gas engineering captured my attention. It’s fulfilling to know my work significantly reduces greenhouse gas (GHG), and the work itself is interesting and challenging.

We work in teams to make the most of our different areas of expertise, but I get the chance to present my ideas and hear from my teammates while working independently. It’s not the kind of work where you do it repeatedly once you’ve created the design. Each site is unique, so I’m building on best practices and the combination of new technology and design that’s proven to work and is very effective.

Today’s modern landfills that reduce air emissions, recycle many by-products, and protect the groundwater are transformative. They use reduction, recycling, and reuse programs while turning methane into renewable energy. Advanced remote monitoring and control technology and data capture provide many efficiencies and insight to landfill operators and owners running larger and larger collections of plants and facilities on their landfills.

The trend to go larger necessitates more landfill design sophistication and master planning to recoup the growing capital investment upfront. That’s where Jared fits in!


At SCS Engineers, a leading environmental consulting and contracting firm, we bring local urgency to today’s global priorities. One hundred percent employee-owned, and with over a thousand industry leaders across 70 offices nationwide, we come to every job with a wealth of knowledge and implementation expertise—so even the most complex projects move forward with efficiency and speed. We address a full range of environmental issues for private and public entities, with a special focus on waste and greenhouse gas management. In fact, we have captured and eliminated more CO2e gasses for our clients than any other firm in the country. And with customer satisfaction scores 33 percent higher than the industry average, we’ve built a reputation for delivering on our promises.

Join SCS Engineers: design, build, and implement environmental solutions that help solve today’s global problems.

  • Sustainable Materials Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Inventory, Verification
  • Land Recycling | Brownfields





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April 29, 2022

growing green careers in scs engineers environmental services


If you thrive in a friendly, collaborative, and client-focused company, SCS Engineers is the place for you, and we’re growing! We’re looking for field technicians to work collaboratively on our Field Services teams nationwide. Specific information is posted for each open position. Use our job search to find your desired location.

Under general supervision, our technicians operate, monitor, and maintain gas migration control and recovery systems, including gas well monitoring and adjustment, troubleshooting, and system repairs. These systems capture emissions that keep our planet cleaner. SCS clients entrust us with the management of more than 35 million metric tons of anthropogenic CO2e greenhouse gases every year. We collect and beneficially use or destroy enough to offset greenhouse gas emissions from 7.4 million passenger cars annually.


Growing Positions at SCS Engineers


Become one of the growing engineers, consultants, scientists, and technicians helping private and public entities run cleaner and more efficiently. A very rewarding place to have a career! Department of Labor blog Where Green Jobs Grow on green careers.









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