METROGAS®, S.A., a Digester Gas to high-Btu Gas Plant in Chile

July 29, 2015


La Farfana, Santiago, Chile
La Farfana, Santiago, Chile

SCS Energy, a division of SCS Engineers, supported the design | build | operation and maintenance of a new Metrogas high-Btu gas plant located at La Farfana Wastewater

Treatment Plant near Santiago, Chile.  La Farfana is owned by Aguas Andinas. Metrogas, the chief natural gas distribution company in Chile, launched commercial operation of their new digester gas to high-Btu gas plant in April, 2015. The plant processes 2,200 scfm (3.17 mmscfd) of raw digester gas, producing 1,238 scfm (1.78 mmscfd) of pipeline quality product gas.

Two different clean-up technologies, membrane and pressure swing adsorption, were considered during the feasibility phase of the project.  A membrane based system was ultimately selected for the project.  As part of the feasibility study, SCS completed the conceptual design; obtained quotations for the major equipment; and prepared construction and operation | maintenance cost estimates for the plant.

SCS continued working with Metrogas, finishing the detailed design, assisting with equipment procurement, then aiding with the commissioning and start-up services for the plant.  The final design includes the removal of moisture, hydrogen sulfide, VOC, siloxane, and carbon dioxide.  Oxygen removal is an added benefit of the membrane based system.  The plant injects pipeline quality biomethane in to Metrogas’s distribution network.

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Posted by Diane Samuels at 4:57 pm