December 13, 2021

A Special Place to Study Law, Virginia Lawyer Register, Dec. 2021

Mike McLaughlin recounts the people and experiences that make him such an interesting lawyer and environmental engineer.    

December 13, 2021

California’s first fully solar-powered compost facility, Waste Management World, Dec 2021

The first fully solar-powered compost facility in the state.   Learn more about renewable energy solutions at SCS Engineers: Solar Energy Biofuel, Anaerobic Digesters, Renewable Natural Gas        

December 1, 2021

The Convoluted Tale of U.S. Coal Ash Management, POWER, Dec 2021

As coal plants shut down, companies are closing the legacy ponds, landfills, and plants. Many SCS clients are looking to install solar on these sites reclaiming former brownfields (surface mines, ponds, and landfills) to locate renewable energy generation facilities.   Learn more about CCR and Renewable Energy here.   ...

November 22, 2021

SCS Engineers’ Kundral Injects Creativity into Landfill Redevelopment, Waste360, Nov. 2021

Som Kundral, a licensed Professional Engineer at SCS, serves small to multimillion-dollar projects with clients in public and private sectors. In this interview, Kundral, 2021 Waste360 40 Under 40 award recipient, discusses how he helps design creative solutions for landfill redevelopment projects.   Meet a few of SCS’s Young ...

November 16, 2021

Solar Powered ASP Composting At MSW Landfill, BioCycle, Nov. 2021

BioCycle Magazine features a California composting facility designed by SCS Engineers. The facility runs on 100 percent solar energy.   Additional Resources Composting and Organics Management Food Diversion, Composting, and GHG Reduction Program Solar Energy on Landfills and Brownfields