Run, get muddy, and help a good cause – all in a days work at SCS

June 15, 2017

SCS Engineers team participating in a mud run at Camp Pendleton to support Marine Corps Community Services, showing the group muddy and cheerful after the event.
Team Captain, Liam Watson is behind the camera. The other team members include Curtis Jang, Dave Fisher, Victor Chew, Justin Rauzon, Chris Romanowski, Paul Rodriguez, Jessie Han, James Kim, Deidra McGrew, Kevin Alcantara, Holli Everett, Gail Jang, Jaclyn Pittman, Trina Sepulveda, Sam Mann, Cindy Hernandez, Mishayla Gunderson, Tanisha Ferguson, Shea Friesen, Lisa Silva, Ashley Hutchens, Daniel Cuevas, Sol Sim, and Amber Dittrick.

The Marine Corps Mud Run® took place last weekend at Camp Pendleton in support of Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS). Many SCSers took advantage of the opportunity to raise funds for MCCS, while simultaneously running and getting muddy!

Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) programs are essential to meet the needs of Marines and other members of the Marine Corp family. MCCS programs encourage positive individual values, personal development, and provide for the physical, cultural, service and social needs that help sustain resiliency. We thank MCCS for their community services at Camp Pendleton and across our nation.

Semper fi.


Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:05 am