Daniel Dietch

As a Project Director based in Miami, FL, Mr. Dietch is responsible for developing SCS’s Southeast Regions’ Sustainable Materials Management Practice and works closely with SCS’s national experts to support our regional clients.  Since joining SCS in 2018, he has completed a wide range of solid waste and environmental projects for municipal and private clients. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology (with an Archeology minor), and an MBA in Management.
Mr. Dietch has more than 20 years of academic and professional experience in solid waste management. He uses this experience to provide clients with strategic solid waste consulting, including solid waste and recycling planning, landfill gas project development, operations monitoring, procurements, litigation support, rate structure/alternative financing analyses, ordinance development, and contract negotiations. His responsibilities include program coordination, planning, execution, and client liaison. Work products include master/strategic plans, landfill closure plans, operations reports, technology reports, rate models and reports, contracts, ordinances, benefit/cost analyses, customized data management systems, and procurement documents.
In addition, Mr. Dietch specializes in developing and managing composting projects. His experience includes on-farm composting, where he has assisted with the development and operation of a turned windrow system, and institutional and municipal composting projects, where he has managed the development and operations of a proprietary in-vessel compost system. For composting projects, he has successfully processed a variety of waste streams, including municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, agricultural, paper and yard wastes, and pre- and post-plate food scraps. In addition to development and management, Mr. Dietch has been responsible for equipment assessment, prototype construction, permitting, and onsite operations.