Richard Southorn

Mr. Southorn serves as Project Director in the St. Charles, Illinois, office and manages coal combustion residual (CCR) and municipal solid waste projects, ranging from construction plan development to full-scale design services.
As a Professional Engineer, he is experienced in developing site layouts and analyzing designs for multiple facilities. This has included infrastructure, landfill base and final cover liner systems, leachate extraction and cleanout systems, landfill gas control systems, and storm water management controls. He oversees geotechnical stability evaluations, storm water modeling, leachate collection system evaluations, landfill gas collection system design, and road design/queuing analyses for these facilities.
As a Professional Geologist, Mr. Southorn has overseen and participated in numerous hydrogeologic investigations that characterize subsurface stratigraphy, hydrology/hydrogeology, and groundwater flow for the purpose of site development.