CD Debris Disposal – LEED Certification, Bechard and Associates, Inc.

scs engineers C&D disposal
SCS assisted with a LEED construction project in
San Diego.

SCS Engineers assisted Bechard & Associates, Inc., in meeting the Materials & Resources credit in association with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Construction Waste Management section for the SmartCorner Project located in San Diego, California. The project included commercial and retail uses and transportation services.

SCS provided the following services:

Preparation of Waste Management Plan

SCS developed the Waste Management Plan for the project, highlighting recycling and salvage requirements, goals and methods. SCS prepared a materials estimate of the types and quantities of materials generated during project demolition and construction, and estimated the types and quantities of materials that potentially could be recycled or salvaged.

Development of Resource/Reuse Vendors and Facilities

In order to facilitate the maximum amount of materials to be recycled and/or salvaged, SCS identified local facilities or vendors that would accept and/or collect specific materials, and provided a list of best-cost options for diverting the various recyclable and salvageable materials.