Closed Landfill Brownfield Redevelopment in Cudahy, Wisconsin

SCS Engineers (SCS) served as the environmental engineer for the Cudahy Gateway Real Estate redevelopment project. The former 9-acre solid waste landfill was for prepared for redevelopment through a dynamic compaction process involving two cranes dropping 10-ton weights to compact the soil in order to create a solid foundation for construction.

development closed landfill
Cudahy redevelopment project transforms closed landfill into safe, useful real estate. Brings economic and aesthetic benefits to the community by replacing a blighted property with a successful business.

The property was then capped and prepped for redevelopment, including incorporating provisions for special storm water and methane venting and monitoring. Through this strategy, a once undevelopable landfill is now home to five buildings and is operating as a successful commercial business.

SCS employed the following services to ensure redevelopment occurred:

  • Design of storm water management plan; approved by the City of Cudahy and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.
  • Design of landfill gas barrier system, site development grading plan, site layout, pavement, and utilities.
  • Oversight of dynamic compaction to stabilize the ground for building construction.
  • Exemptions for key project components from the WDNR, including an exemption allowing SCS to build on the landfill and to use crushed concrete fill with low-level contamination on site to raise site grades in order to save on landfill disposal costs.
  • Easement negotiations with adjacent property owners for site utility connections.
  • Construction management for the buildings.