Coal Ash Landfill – Hydraulic and Stability Analysis of Ash Pond Berms, Indiana

In response to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) inspection, SCS Engineers was retained to perform a hydraulic and stability analysis of four ash impoundments at a coal-fired power generation facility in Indiana.

SCS Engineers Hydraulic Stability Ash Pond BermsSCS performed investigations of the ash pond berms and analyzed the hydraulic capacity and stability of each ash pond. We prepared a report that summarized the analysis performed and provided recommendations for berm stability improvement for two of the impoundments. Recommended berm improvements included buttressing an ash berm with riprap and repairing eroded portions of the berms. SCS was retained to develop berm improvement design documents and provide construction oversight and documentation services.

The investigation, analysis and reports provided our client with recommendations on how to improve, operate and monitor their ash ponds in an environmentally safe and efficient manner.

SCS performed the following services:

  • Subsurface investigation to determine the material and properties of the ash pond berms
  • Field and laboratory analysis on the soil samples obtained during the investigation phase
  • Evaluated the hydraulic capacity of each ash pond under the Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) storm event
  • Evaluated the stability of the ash berms using the information supplied by the investigation phase and field and laboratory analysis under a variety of hydraulic loadings
  • Provided recommendations for improvements at each site to improve the stability of the ash ponds
  • Prepared design drawings, specifications, and bidding documents for ash berm improvements
  • Developed as-built drawings for the ash ponds at each site