Dispersion Modeling – Various Landfills and Biogas/Biomass-to-Energy Projects, Nationwide

SCS Engineers has completed air dispersion modeling as part of the permitting process for numerous biogas/biomass-to-energy facilities across the United States. The modeling was conducted for federal PSD and/or state and federal NSR requirements.

SCS’s modeling work has been approved by regulatory agencies in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania and various other states and local agencies. In California alone, we have completed regulatory air modeling for over 40 projects.

Sources have included stationary units such as flares, engines, turbines, boilers, incinerators, etc. as well as area or fugitive sources such as landfill gas surface emissions, dust, composting operations, pits and ponds. SCS Engineers has also done extensive modeling of mobile sources including portable equipment and vehicles.