Environmental Management Planning – Power Utility

Environmental Management Planning – Calpine Corporation

SCS supports the Calpine Corporation, a clean power utitlity with their Three-Year Compliance Audits for six facilities located in California and Texas.

Each of these energy facilities handles in excess of either the federal or state threshold quantity of aqueous ammonia or anhydrous ammonia. The facilities’ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems use ammonia to help maintain air quality compliance of the emission stack, specifically, reducing NOX (NO and NO2) emissions.

SCS also supports the firm with Process Hazard Analyses, Hazard Assessments, Risk Management Plans and Seismic Assessments. In addition, SCS has now assisted with compliance related work at an additional seven facilities located in California and Pennsylvania.

We have conducted training sessions to educate facility operators and management personnel with the PSM and RMP requirements. Implementation techniques were included during the training sessions.