Environmental Services, Baker Manufacturing Company

Baker Manufacturing, Evansville, WI

Baker Manufacturing is a molten metal foundry on a mission to be a good environmental steward.

Founded in 1873, Baker Manufacturing Company helps cities provide clean water to their residents. They manufacture water system products, including water well accessories, filtration systems, and well monitoring products. Baker Manufacturing’s goal is to meet environmental regulations during the manufacturing process.

As both a molten metal foundry and a metal processing manufacturer, Baker Manufacturing had continual ongoing Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) compliance needs. SCS Engineers (SCS) helped Baker Manufacturing for 20 years with a variety of services including indoor air quality monitoring, air permits, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), new process environmental and OSHA compliance evaluations, hazardous substance spill responses, annual receiving water reviews for WPDES permits, legacy chlorinated solvent and petroleum soil and groundwater contamination, and Department of Homeland Security chemical site safety plans.

Outcomes and Benefits
Baker Manufacturing was able to complete an ownership and management transition with a private equity sale. In the process, Baker Manufacturing’s EHS programs passed extensive reviews, and Baker Manufacturing was able to maintain and even improve upon its goal to be a good and safe employer, neighbor, and environmental steward.

Plant Supervisor, Gene Fahrney had this to say…
What has always set SCS apart from the rest is they understand me and they understand my basic goal; do the right thing environmentally… SCS understands this. They too have developed strong relationships with the regulatory agencies and understand my goal of maintaining these relationships. SCS is willing to help us solve issues by doing the right things and not be adversarial. I’m sure there have been times when the path we have chosen was more expensive but we felt it was the right path. SCS has always been supportive of our desires.