Facility Energy Management – Compressed Air System Audit and Leak Detection Surveys

energy management serviceSCS was retained to evaluate the energy used to produce compressed air at our client’s green sand, airset sand and investment casting production facility.

The compressed air audit included deployment of data loggers to collect system electrical and pressure data, and analysis with AirMaster+ modeling software. The leak detection survey uncovered a significant number of leaks, which were identified through an ultrasonic leak detector, tagged and mapped for correction by foundry staff.

Logged data demonstrated that the compressed-air system was operating well, with the possible action of reducing air pressure available to save energy. It also allowed SCS Engineers to quantify the leakage rates and perform an analysis of the pressure flow controller and compressed-air storage systems.

Through these investigations, SCS identified cost savings opportunities that could save the foundry approximately 32% of the operating energy of their compressed air system, with a simple payback of less than one year, while continuing to meet the facility’s compressed-air needs.