Facility Energy Management – Municipal Facility Retro-Commissioning, Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Facility Energy Management

Our project focused on three municipal campus buildings included buildings of 25 years, 14 years and 2 years old.

SCS prepared existing building energy usage/benchmarks and an evaluation of the building mechanical systems to ensure that they operate and interact optimally. Investigation of the buildings’ HVAC systems and their control systems were conducted. Point-to-point testing, data logging and trend analysis resulted in dozens of low-cost operational and maintenance improvements being identified and addressed along with larger repairs, capital corrective actions which were energy saving measures.

“The retro-commissioning of some of our largest City buildings revealed many opportunities for substantial energy, emissions and cost savings. It’s particularly satisfying to undertake projects that advance three of the City’s goals simultaneously and pay their own way. These projects would not have been discovered without the retro-commissioning initiative.”

— Steve Arnold, Ph.D., Alderperson, City of Fitchburg
January 2015