Landfill Gas and LFGE – Penrose LFGE Project, Viridis Clean Energy, Sun Valley, California

bradley landfillThe project employs four Cooper Superior reciprocating engines with a total installed capacity of 7.0 megawatts. The plant is landfill gas-fired and has the capability of co-firing with natural gas during periods of low landfill gas methane content. The project sells power to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

In addition to full responsibility for plant operation/maintenance, SCS implemented a $2.4 million plant betterment project to reduce NOx emissions and to increase plant capacity factor. Key elements of the betterment program included replacement of the individual engine control systems, installation of a plantwide SCADA system and installation of continuous emissions monitoring systems on each engine.  The SCADA system employs SCS’s proprietary iSCADA technology.

SCS was responsible for operation and maintenance of this facility beginning February 2005. The operation ceased in October 2009 due to the stoppage of gas from the Bradley Landfill.

SCS Engineers’ responsibilities: 

  • Power Sales Agreement
  • Environmental Permits
  • Detailed Design
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Construction
  • Plant Startup 
  • SCADA System