Landfill Industrial Operation and Expansion Planning, Confidential Client

SCS Engineers was retained for services on a coal combustion residual (CCR) landfill which serves multiple coal-fired power generation facilities in the client’s fleet, as well as several commercial coal-fired boiler operators.

The facility was originally permitted in the early 1990s, and over time has experienced significant fluctuations in CCR disposal rates. The remaining capacity of the facility and anticipated CCR disposal rates associated with planned emission control projects have elevated the importance of efficient airspace management and long-term facility planning.

SCS Engineers Coal Ash Industrial Landfill Operation
Industrial Ash Landfill

Working closely with the client, SCS Engineers has helped the utility assess and improve the current landfill operation and plan for future expansion.

SCS brought value by:

  • Increasing the understanding of airspace consumption rates and remaining site life
  • Identifying and assessing facility expansion options
  • Clarifying regulatory requirements for expansion
  • Defining the anticipated cost and timeframe for expansion
  • Developing long-term cost and airspace planning tools

SCS Engineers’ services on this project included:

  • Airspace utilization surveys and capacity calculations
  • Environmental and regulatory analysis of expansion options
  • Conceptual design and capacity estimates for expansion options
  • Expansion design and construction cost estimating
  • Development of expansion schedules
  • Long-term cost and airspace utilization modeling
  • Hydrogeologic and geotechnical investigation planning