Oil & Gas: Commercial Fluid Recycling Facility – Produced Water Engineering

XRI Holdings, LLC hired SCS Engineers to provide engineering and consulting services at its produced water recycling facility XRI Buchanan Ranch located near Midland, Texas. The project included the pond design, stormwater design, and piping. SCS provided consistent communication throughout the work; geologic drilling, pond, designs, permit documents, and construction quality assurance.

As employee-owners, we stake our reputation on delivering value and are grateful that our clients send us feedback.

In a 2020 voicemail to SCS’s President and CEO Jim Walsh, Doug Park, XRI Holdings Vice President of Commercial Development and Disposal, had this to say…

Hello. Jim, my name is Doug Park, and I work on a project with some of your people in the Permian Basin, specifically on H-11 type projects. I’ll make this quick. I just wanted to follow up. I just finished your client survey, saw your name and I want to pass on information that it was a real delight working with the team there. They did an outstanding job; they were patient.

I’ve run three big companies with operations in the Permian Basin over my past career and put together environmental baseline sampling for operations for twelve years. During those big projects, I’ve worked with big engineering firms. Your guys did a great job, and then I saw your name; I just wanted to call and let you know that they’re top guys. They’re very responsive. They’re very patient with some legal departments like ours, and I just want to pass that on. If you ever had a reason to call me… Thanks. Have a great week.


Thank you, Mr. Park. We’re grateful to our clients who help us constantly improve our value.

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