Organics Management – Design, Permitting and Operations for Compost Facility, Middleboro, Massachusetts

SCS Engineers Komptech DemonstrationSCS Engineers provided design, permitting and operations services for the compost facility located at Sam White and Sons Inc. in Middleboro.  The facility accepts food and yard waste and uses open-windrow method of composting.  Operations services included provision and use of a truck-mounted mixer to mix food and leaves, and a Komptech X-60 compost turner to turn the windrows. Sam White & Sons sells the finished product through its network of purchasers.

Tasks peformed by SCS Engineers included the following:

  • Prepare a layout of the Site as necessary to support permitting and approval activities, and to prepare for operations.
  • Prepare a compliance certification to file with MassDEP and the local Board of Health, in accordance with MassDEP compost General Permit (310 CMR 19.000).
  • Draft annual reports for MassDEP about the types and quantities of material handled.
  • Provide a compost turner, operated by SCS staff, to turn and manage windrows on the site.
  • Provide a mixer truck to pre-mix food waste and leaves and to put mix into windrows.
  • Monitor the windrows for temperature and moisture, and maintain records of the measurements.
  • Oversee screening of the finished compost, when the compost process is deemed complete by SCS.
  • Prepare and implement an odor control plan, in accordance with the compost General Permit.