Environmental Management Planning – Water Treatment Facility, CA

Water treatment facility and hazardous chemical management.
Water treatment facility and hazardous chemical management.

SCS Tracer Environmental, a division of SCS Engineers, started working with the City of Escondido during the design phase of their new bulk chlorine water treatment plant in June 1992. This project included conducting a scrubber design feasibility study and a road accessibility study. Preparation of the California Risk Management Prevention Program (RMPP) for the new bulk chlorine treatment system consisted of a 10% design phase Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) followed by an 80% design phase HAZOP and a final design HAZOP. The RMPP was finalized and submitted to the San Diego County Hazardous Materials Management Division in June 1995. In addition to the RMPP, SCS prepared the necessary PSM programs for the new bulk chlorine system.

Prior to converting to the bulk chlorination system, the facility used a bank of one-ton containers for water treatment. SCS prepared the following separate Process Safety Management programs for this existing chlorine treatment process: Process Hazard Analysis, Operating Procedures, Mechanical Integrity, Process Safety Information, and Emergency Response and Planning. This project was completed from July 1994 through March 1995.

Once the bulk chlorine treatment facility was completed, SCS prepared color piping and instrumentation diagrams for the as-built system. A final assessment was conducted to ensure that all recommendations were implemented and that the as-built facility was an accurate representation of the final design analysis. In addition, SCS prepared the additional studies for compliance with the CalARP Program and the EPA RMP (hazard assessment, seismic assessment, and EPA RMP*Submit). This project was completed from February 1998 through June 1999.

In addition to the technical studies and program preparation, SCS conducted a two-day training session prior to the startup of the new chlorine system. This session was held for the operators to ensure that they were familiar with the prevention programs and the new system.

SCS conducted the PSM/RMP three year compliance audit in July 2002. SCS was awarded an annual General Safety Services contract with the Water Treatment Plant in 2004 and has been renewed annually since that time.