Rate Studies – Pro-Forma Rate Analysis of Solid Waste Management System, Page County, Virginia

SCS Engineers rate studiesIn 2004, SCS Engineers developed a financial pro-forma model of Page County’s municipal solid waste landfill operations to assist the County in evaluating the feasibility of re-opening the Battle Creek Landfill and operating it with in-house forces.

Several operational scenarios were considered in the evaluation to compute the break even cost for disposal rates of 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 tons per day. The County elected to open and operate the landfill, and now has several years of operational experience. As a part of the fiscal planning for 2011, the County requested that SCS update the pro-forma model to provide the County a tool for forecasting capital and operational expenses and establishing sufficient tip fees to fund the County’s solid waste operations. Subsequently SCS developed an updated pro-forma cost model for the County’s Battle Creek Landfill and other solid waste operations. The pro-forma model was developed to provide a tool for the County to track and project future expenses and establish appropriate tip fees to fund its solid waste program.