SCS Energy: LFG to RNG Pipeline Facility at the University of California

UC Shreveport Biomethane Facility

woolworth road landfill shreveportThe University of California (UC) Shreveport RNG Facility consists of an RNG plant, located at the Woolworth Road Landfill in Shreveport, Louisiana, which converts LFG into RNG for injection into the nearby Enable Midstream Partners natural gas pipeline. SCS-E is the design/construct contractor for the project. The project became operational on October 1, 2018.

The RNG plant has an inlet capacity of 2,650 scfm and a product gas capacity of 1,850 MMBtu/day. The RNG plant incorporates the following technologies:

  • LFG refrigeration;
  • LFG compression with a flooded-screw compressor;
  • Provisions for the addition of SulfaTreat for H2S removal;
  • Membranes for CO2 removal;
  • Product gas compressor (450 psig); and
  • Regenerative TOX.

SCS completed a feasibility study to select the preferred process chain for the RNG plant. SCS has a 7-year operations-maintenance contract for the RNG plant.