Solid Waste Planning – Recycling Program Implementation, The Pentagon

scs engineers recycling program implementation
SCS was hired by the Pentagon to improve its recycling program.

SCS Engineers was hired by the Pentagon to gather data concerning the types and quantities of waste generated and to develop and implement improvements to the Pentagon’s recycling program.

Based on the information, SCS will recommend alternative approaches to achieve significant waste reduction through recycling, reuse and source-reduction activities. SCS will prepare an implementation plan based on the waste audit and the recycling report.

SCS will also implement and oversee the recycling program components, including:

  • strategic recycling bin placement
  • recycling green team development
  • training
  • material collection and transportation
  • staging area logistics
  • program design

A recycling handbook will be developed for building managers and other stakeholders responsible for implementing the recycling program. SCS will recommend source-reduction and procurement program alternatives that will encourage the efficient use of materials, develop and promote reduction and reuse strategies, and integrate the strategies with recycling.

A diversion database will be developed for tracking monthly waste and recycling tonnages. This database will also be used to track monthly cost savings, revenue generated, program costs and net savings.

As a measure to increase employee ownership in the project, SCS will organize and execute a recycling program slogan contest, develop posters and organize recycling communication between divisions. An official logo representing the Pentagon recycling program will be created and included on recycling program materials.