Waste Conversion Assessments – Commercial Waste Assessment and Technical Assistance, Irvine, California

Initially, SCS Engineers was retained by Irvine in 2002 to conduct on-site waste assessments for businesses. Since, SCS has continued to work with businesses to estimate the amount of waste diversion taking place among commercial accounts, identify potential diversion programs for each commercial establishment, and provide technical assistance and additional support to each business – thereby encouraging the establishment of new or expanded recycling and waste minimization programs.

Additionally, SCS has identified a number of candidates for California’s waste-reduction award program, and has provided assistance in completing the applications.

In light of recent legislation mandating diversion programs at large venues and events, SCS is working with applicable venues and events to implement and monitor waste-diversion programs, and provide data to the City for incorporation into its state-mandated annual report. This year, SCS will be helping the City promote its various waste diversion programs through new media and public outreach campaigns.