Written Closure, Post-Closure Care and Certification – Landfill Closure, Permitting, and CQA Services, Industrial Solid Waste Landfills, South Carolina

SCS Engineers Landfill Closure CertificationSCS Engineers was retained to provide engineering design and permitting, as well as prepare a closure plan for two permitted coal combustion residual (CCR) landfills.

We sought regulatory approval to place the final cover system over the landfill at a flatter slope, and using a less extensive cover system than normally required under the state regulations. SCS provided construction engineering and quality assurance services during construction of the caps on both landfills.

The services performed by SCS included:

  • preparation of closure plan and negotiation with regulators to obtain a variance on the final closure system slopes and less extensive cover system
  • evaluation the existing site conditions, including available borrow soils, depth of cover soils and existing on-site drainage features
  • development grading design for the landfill surfaces to provide drainage, minimize infiltration, minimize post-closure maintenance and meet regulatory requirements
  • performance of construction quality assurance (CQA) and construction administrative services
  • certification of closure, verified by regulatory agency