SCS MobileTools®

SCS Engineers’ newest environmental technology application is for use at solid waste facilities and landfills. These sites require specific monitoring and analyses of groundwater and liquids, landfill gas – LFG, and surface emissions critical to facility infrastructure and the environment.

SCS MobileTools® is the iOS and Android mobile interface for the SCSeTools® platform.

Access to data to make informed decisions is especially valuable when technicians are in the field or operators are working remotely. Landfill and solid waste facility owners, operators, and technicians use the new application to observe system and environmental activity securely and in real-time on a mobile phone or device.

SCS MobileTools® is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the SCS MobileTools® app provides users the ability to interact with a site or facility data, including site-specific monitoring and exceedance metrics for landfill gas, liquid levels, and surface emissions. Responsive, touch-enabled flow data charting is accessible, illustrating flow targets, reading dates, flow rates, and historical flow data analysis.

When compared year-over-year, generation and disposal trends produce information critical to assessing optimal options and solutions that represent significant savings for landfill gas Operations, Maintenance & Monitoring – OM&M programs. For this reason, the savings compound for regional and national operators.

For instance, monitoring and analyzing landfill gas generation and collection data against modeled estimates are valuable information. SCS MobileTools® handles the input, analysis, review, and export of landfill gas flow and related information, specifically flow rates, impacts on gas collection (e.g., extraction well liquid levels), and analytical data for data collection points.

“We work side-by-side with our clients at hundreds of facilities nationwide. SCS MobileTools™ supports operating decisions, whether our client is managing one site or hundreds,” states Pete Carrico, senior vice president and assistant director of SCS Field Services.”

The MobileTools App’s interface gives clients quick access to information that drives critical operating decisions and provides data for corporate directives and landfill gas OM&M programs for regional or national operations.

Download on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads, Google Play for Android.


SCS MobileTools® Module

The SCS MobileTools® module works with SCS DataServices® enabling personnel responsible for collecting essential field data and readings to gather and send the information directly from the collection points to the SCSeTools® platform. These secure transmissions are sent using Apple’s iOS or Android mobile devices and tablets.

Form Designer is popular with clients - they control who has access to individual forms. The smart-rules increase accuracy and instantly alert technicians to irregularities.
Form Designer is popular with clients – they control who has access to individual forms. The smart-rules increase accuracy and instantly alert technicians to irregularities.

Clients choose from a variety of pre-programmed digital forms that may be further customized to suit their particular needs. The Form Designer feature allows clients to design business-specific forms for personnel and technicians to input data or readings. Clients can build a library of standard forms and customized documents with controlled read/write access. They can even be personalized for specific technicians or to the business. A range of rules is established to prevent incorrect answers so that any numeric, text or true/false input that could not possibly be a correct response to a particular question or reading is rejected and immediately rectified at the collection point. Once the data collection form is complete and photos are attached if desired, the form is transmitted in seconds to the SCSeTools platform, a secure repository, thus eliminating illegible entries, incomplete or damaged forms, skipped details, and human error.

SCS MobileTools is portable, convenient, and easy-to-use. Data transfer and storage are immediate and sent by secure cellular transmission. Readings are client-validated and more organized; quickly available for analysis while collection errors and review time are reduced.

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