SCS Maintenance®

This module collects, organizes, and reports on maintenance items to assist site managers with regulatory compliance and prevent equipment damage caused by inadequate maintenance processes. For owners and operators of landfill and industrial facilities, repairs, equipment calibration, and downtime are considerable expenses. They can escalate significantly when poorly executed, resulting in regulatory fines, utility surcharges, and lost revenue.

SCS Maintenance consolidates program components leveraging its online computer database, including plans, schedules, inventory, asset tracking, and workflow reducing management burdens and mitigating risks.

Maintenance for landfill gas systems, leachate, and groundwater are common needs, each with corresponding maintenance requirements. Because SCS Maintenance uses the SCSeTools® technology platform, it supports separate but related operations and can take advantage of SCS MobileTools® capabilities. Leveraging data from one or more related business practices can increase analytical insights for assigning staff and managing maintenance tasks, often resulting in more efficient operations.

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