SCS Remote Monitoring and Control®, SCS RMC®

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SCS Remote Monitoring and Control®, or SCS RMC® provides data collection, remote transmission/streaming, and real-time viewing of data obtained from GCCS components. Equipment can include almost anything on-site, including flare stations, sumps, pumps, tanks, and security cameras for example.

With the installation of supporting hardware or programming existing control panels, SCS RMC® provides automated data collection and remote telemetry. The module will support additional monitoring components as your site plan grows, providing facility owners and operators with a single secure application for their supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), data management, and reporting needs.

SCS RMC® is a network of sensors and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications used to provide real-time viewing, analysis, and control of equipment and systems critical to production and safe operations. SCS RMC® is most valuable when reaction time is essential to avoid production downtime, continuous safe operation within regulatory mandates, and to maintain public safety standards.


Sensors are installed on each piece of equipment you want to monitor. Each sensor is configured to client-specified parameters based on each client’s unique business needs and environmental reporting responsibilities. A local Wi-Fi meshed network communicates with an SCS collector base station. Multiple groups of sensors are easily configured. Continuous readings from each sensor transmit wirelessly to the base station and to the SCS RMC® web application housed in SCSeTools®.


If readings are detected outside an acceptable range or if an environmental threshold is nearing exceedance, the module sends an alert. Alerts go out via the Internet to cell phones, computers, or tablets.

Expanded Functionality – SCS RMC® 

No-Crew Aerial Vehicle, or Drone Technology

SCS owns a small fleet of no-crew aerial vehicles (UAVs) and employs licensed UAV pilots nationwide. The use of UAV technology, commonly known as drones, can produce photogrammic and aerial photographic imagery offering site owners and operators the ability to take measurements from photographs, especially useful for recovering the exact positions of surface points quickly and efficiently. Some of the benefits of UAVs are:

  • Real-time, more accurate air samples help determine greenhouse gas emissions;
  • High-quality orthomosaic maps, digital terrain models, waste volumetrics;
  • Surveys and inspections are much faster than when using a land vehicle;
  • Labor costs can be lower, especially when regular site inspections are required over a large and hard to navigate areas;
  • Using drones instead of human labor to provide images of dangerous or difficult to navigate sites is safer.

Case study: St. Maarten Thermal Infrared Survey of Landfill funded by the World Bank

SCS deploys UAV technology on a case-by-case basis as an adjunct to our RMC services. We also offer to consult and training on the implementation of UAV programs at solid waste and other facilities.

Augmented Reality Technology

SCS can also present real-time data in mixed reality environments (e.g., Microsoft HoloLens2). Augmented 3D facilitates the difficult task of visualizing actual and conceptual site conditions. Another application of reality technology includes analyzing landfills in more than three dimensions by combining multiple datasets. These 4D models enable operators to view conditions over time, providing the ability to detect and measure changes and insight into the benefits of critical infrastructure such as earthworks and systems. One could add costs as a 5th dimension to visualize the resources, time and money needed to move solid materials.

Mobile Control of Industrial Processes

SCS Engineers RMC
Shown here are the LF flare controls.

The SCS RMC® team is integrating a new web-based technology called Ignition 8 into our client solutions. An Inductive Automation product, Ignition 8 enables us to build dynamic industrial applications that automatically respond to each client’s unique perspective.

Ignition Perspective enables us to build full SCADA, HMI, and alarm systems, and provide clients with a mobile view of their operations via smartphones and other mobile devices. Full-control of industrial processes is more mobile, customizable, scalable, and secure than ever before. For example, one of our clients uses advanced SCS RMC® – Ignition Perspective HTML 5 integration for remote access and control of piping and instrumentation diagrams that stream live sensor data. The application reduces O&M costs by:

  • Proactively avoiding systematic and equipment issues by receiving instant notifications;
  • Less onsite callouts with the ability to remotely troubleshoot the system;
  • Automatic reporting;
  • Data storage in a secure, cloud-based environment;
  • Providing high-clarity data visualization.

Using SCS RMC®

Using a variety of customization options, clients can establish different authorization levels for staff to view, edit, approve and respond to an alert. Many pre-programmed and customized reporting options are available to simplify regulatory agency or other reporting requirements.

Shown here; based on trends and RMC real-time data an informed response is made and remotely executed.

Upon receiving an alert, authorized users can log in to the SCS RMC® web application to quickly identify the significance of the alert and make an informed decision regarding a response. Response options include sending commands to the base station (e.g., open/close a valve, turn on/off a flare, etc.), changing the data point parameters in the SCS RMC® web application, or dispatching a technician to investigate.

Following automated collection and wireless transmittal, authorized users may view, edit, map, chart, analyze, manage, and print the information. A range of standard templates is available to generate useful reports quickly and easily. Clients may add an unlimited number of customized and personalized reports to their report library. Important site documents are securely stored for easy access.

SCS Value

These days, everyone is asking for more with less budget. Preventing production downtime while maintaining safe operations can be accomplished with help from SCS RMC®  because the application helps reduce valuable reaction time. RMC helps you maintain operational excellence without compromising your budgets.

RMC access to monitor, control, and analyze trends in real-time from any Internet-accessible device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You even have the option to decide how to access your data. 

  • You control the access for specific individuals or groups to your information and data.
  • Pre-programmed and customized reporting options to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Quick installation – minimal downtime.

SCS RMC sensors can be connected to a large variety of equipment and systems, such as:

  • Air Monitors
  • Blowers/Flares Flow Meters
  • Groundwater Wells
  • Landfill Gas Probes and Wells
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Security Cameras
  • Tank Liquid Level Monitors
  • Totalizers
  • Weather Stations


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