SCS Remote Monitoring and Control®, SCS RMC®

National Expert: Phil Carrillo


SCS Remote Monitoring and Control®, or SCS RMC® is a network of sensors and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications used to provide real-time viewing, analysis, and control of equipment and systems critical to production and safe operations. SCS RMC® is most valuable when reaction time is essential to avoid production downtime, continuous safe operation within regulatory mandates, and to maintain public safety standards. SCS RMC is beneficial for businesses that want to improve operational excellence without compromising their budgets.

SCS RMC clients include private and municipal landfills, landfill-gas-to-energy developers, commercial and industrial land developers, and public works agencies that require early detection alerts of potential environmental exceedances or malfunctioning equipment at their facilities and sites.

SCS RMC Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are installed on each piece of equipment then configured to client-specific parameters based on their business and environmental needs. Sensors are connected using a secure wireless LoRa technology that communicates with a base station. A single SCS RMC unit is required to directly connect to the base station. Multiple groups of sensors are easily configured.

Continuous readings from each sensor are transmitted wirelessly to the base station and sent to the RMC web application. SCS RMC sends an alert if readings are detected outside of an acceptable range or for example if an environmental threshold could potentially be near exceedance.  Alerts are sent via the Internet to cell phones, computers or tablets. Once alerted, clients use the RMC web application to quickly determine the significance of the alert and are able to make an informed response including commanding their base station to control the equipment remotely, change parameters, or send in a technician.

Shown here; based on trends and RMC real-time data an informed response is made and remotely executed.

Using a variety of customization options, clients’ authorize their staff to view, edit, approve, respond and report information significant to the alert. A number of pre-programmed and customized reporting options are available to simplify regulatory agency or other reporting requirements.


These days, everyone is asking for more with less budget. Preventing production downtime while maintaining safe operations can be accomplished with help from SCS RMC®  because the application helps reduce valuable reaction time. RMC helps you maintain operational excellence without compromising your budgets.

Features include:

RMC access to monitor, control, and analyze trends in real-time from any Internet-accessible device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You even have the option to decide how to access your data. 

  • You control the access for specific individuals or groups to your information and data.
  • Pre-programmed and customized reporting options to meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Quick installation – minimal downtime.

SCS RMC sensors can be connected to a large variety of equipment and systems, such as:

  • Air Monitors
  • Blowers/Flares Flow Meters
  • Groundwater Wells
  • Landfill Gas Probes and Wells
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Security Cameras
  • Tank Liquid Level Monitors
  • Totalizers
  • Weather Stations


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