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September 7, 2022

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting
Jared Brown, EIT, and part of the comprehensive teams at SCS Engineers.


Designing environmental solutions. At SCS Engineers, we value our young professionals who bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to our teams. While learning the ropes as an intern, Jared Brown now works full-time as an associate professional in our Raleigh, North Carolina office.

Jared graduated from The Pennsylvania State University State College, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, this past May, earning his Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering and a minor in Environmental Engineering.

Off to a fast start, he recently put to work his growing knowledge of landfill siting and landfill gas development by receiving his EIT License and Certification, a professional designation after passing the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, and an important part of the process to becoming a licensed professional engineer (P.E.).

Jared’s work is significant in addressing climate change, but not in the way he anticipated when he started his SCS internship. “During my internship, I got hooked,” says Jared.

He continues,

In my senior year, following my internship, I added multiple electives in landfill engineering and groundwater protection. My major focus at Penn State was renewable energy engineering, which SCS does, but landfill and landfill gas engineering captured my attention. It’s fulfilling to know my work significantly reduces greenhouse gas (GHG), and the work itself is interesting and challenging.

We work in teams to make the most of our different areas of expertise, but I get the chance to present my ideas and hear from my teammates while working independently. It’s not the kind of work where you do it repeatedly once you’ve created the design. Each site is unique, so I’m building on best practices and the combination of new technology and design that’s proven to work and is very effective.

Today’s modern landfills that reduce air emissions, recycle many by-products, and protect the groundwater are transformative. They use reduction, recycling, and reuse programs while turning methane into renewable energy. Advanced remote monitoring and control technology and data capture provide many efficiencies and insight to landfill operators and owners running larger and larger collections of plants and facilities on their landfills.

The trend to go larger necessitates more landfill design sophistication and master planning to recoup the growing capital investment upfront. That’s where Jared fits in!


At SCS Engineers, a leading environmental consulting and contracting firm, we bring local urgency to today’s global priorities. One hundred percent employee-owned, and with over a thousand industry leaders across 70 offices nationwide, we come to every job with a wealth of knowledge and implementation expertise—so even the most complex projects move forward with efficiency and speed. We address a full range of environmental issues for private and public entities, with a special focus on waste and greenhouse gas management. In fact, we have captured and eliminated more CO2e gasses for our clients than any other firm in the country. And with customer satisfaction scores 33 percent higher than the industry average, we’ve built a reputation for delivering on our promises.

Join SCS Engineers: design, build, and implement environmental solutions that help solve today’s global problems.

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