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Nationwide NH3 Refrigeration Training Sessions from SCS Engineers in 2018

August 8, 2018

SCS Engineers has updated the Operator, PSM-RMP training available in 2018. Our trainers are experienced presenters that make learning fun. We bring to the table a combined total of over 50 years of refrigeration experience in positions such as Maintenance Manager, Startup Technician, Service Technician, Plant Engineer, and Instructor.

Participants receive the applicable Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA), Industrial Refrigeration Manuals containing all the information on the topics covered. Participants are given the applicable RETA final book test and upon passing, a Certificate of Completion.

Four-day sessions include:

  • Operator I, designed for beginning ammonia refrigeration operator, manager, or safety personnel with limited refrigeration experience.
  • Operator II, designed for the ammonia refrigeration operator, manager, or safety personnel who have passed the Operator I class and have a higher level of experience in industrial refrigeration systems using ammonia as a refrigerant.

Other sessions offered include:

  • CARO/CIRO Review
  • PSM/RMP Training
  • Ammonia Awareness
  • Onsite Standard Operating Procedures
  • Custom and Facility-specific Training

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What is an Energy Balance and Why Should I Care?

December 18, 2017

Using a simple example the authors make apparent the importance of understanding a refrigeration system’s actual performance. An energy balance is a very useful tool to do so.

Not only do PSM regulations require that facilities have this in your PSM program, there is real value in understanding a system’s capacities. Operation and efficiency translates to substantial dollar savings every year. Savings that can be reinvested in your facility.

Calculating the total consequences of an unbalance system is more complex, but there are considerable savings running a properly energy balanced refrigeration system. Savings that can fund maintenance needs and avoid postponing timely repairs.

This white paper, presented at the RETA 2017 Conference in Pennsylvania is available in English and Spanish by clicking here.


Learn more about environmental and engineering services for Process Safety Management (PSM), Risk Management Plans (RMP), and ammonia refrigeration safety at SCS Engineers.



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