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Managing PFAS in Landfill Leachate and Sludge In a Changing Regulatory Climate

July 21, 2022

Managing PFAS in Landfill Leachate and Sludge In a Changing Regulatory Climate 

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Landfill operators must contend with incoming PFAS-laden waste streams while managing leachate and sludges potentially contaminated with concentrated levels of PFAS. Sifting through incoming waste, C&D, and special wastes is not feasible. Staying abreast of the rapidly changing regulatory climate and treatment options will help you plan for the ultimate outcomes.

In July’s client webinar, our panelists aim to clarify the flurry of recent plans, health advisories, and announcements while discussing where the analytical methods fall short. We’ll cut through the intimidating headlines in the media and focus on the EPA Action Plan and recent regulatory and proposed changes that are worth monitoring.

Following trends across North American landfills, we will discuss available and promising leachate treatment options. SCS’s engineers, scientists, and landfill operations experts will be at your service throughout the forum and afterward.


This educational, non-commercial webinar with a Q&A forum throughout is free and open to all who want to learn more about landfill PFAS regulations and leachate treatments. We recommend this month’s discussion for landfill owners/operators, solid waste planners, environmental engineers, municipalities, and environmental agency staff.

Certificates of Attendance are available for attendees who register on Zoom and attend the live session. Sharing another person’s link to join the live session does not register your name. SCS does not sell or share any data collected at Zoom registration.





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SWANA ARF Report on PFAS Management and Treatment Options for Landfill Leachate

November 15, 2021


SWANA is optimistic regarding the positive role modern MSW landfills can play in managing solid waste – such as carpeting and clothing – containing PFAS. By disposing of these products in landfills and effectively treating landfill leachate for PFAS removal, the solid waste industry can provide society with an effective and proven method of managing PFAS wastes.

In support of members, the SWANA Applied Research Foundation (ARF) has issued a report summarizing and analyzing management options and treatment technologies that can address PFAS chemicals contained in landfill leachate on November 10, 2021. PFAS Management and Treatment Options for Landfill Leachate is available to SWANA ARF subscribers.

The research findings presented in the resulting report are based on a comprehensive review of the literature and an analysis of the commercially-available PFAS treatment systems and other management options for landfill leachate.

The new report serves as a companion report to one published by the ARF in June 2021 on PFAS Fate and Transport in WTE Facilities, available in SWANA’s Reports List.





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