The Witness Speaks! An environmental expert takes the stand.

March 14, 2019

Dan Sola, a Hydrogeologist and Project Director at SCS Engineers, chats with attorney Shell Bleiweiss on expert witness testimony. In a rare article, Mr. Sola, an expert witness for environmental issues, tells his story of what it took to become a successful and sought after witness, while Mr. Bleiweiss answers from the attorney’s perspective.

… That’s expert testimony, and that’s why I love it. Everything you have ever said or written is on the line. It is a battle of intellect and wits. The rules of the game are hundreds of years old and amount to a philosophical discourse on the nature of truth. It is a language where everyday meanings overlap with esoteric jargon. It is a highly civilized conversation among oath-bound professionals wanting nothing more than for the other to fail. – Dan Sola. EWRG 2019 article.

Witness the article here.

Daniel Sola, PG of SCS Engineers

Sola’s areas of expertise include soil and groundwater cleanup, hydrogeological evaluation, computer modeling, hazardous waste regulations, human and ecological risk assessment, expert witness and public testimony, and environmental review.






Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am