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  •  Environmental Due Diligence – All Appropriate Inquiry
  •  Voluntary Remediation and Brownfield Redevelopment
  •  Storage Tanks
  •  Compliance Audits

Burgeoning environmental regulations are a challenge to all types of businesses. Most try to comply with environmental regulations, but the sheer number of detailed requirements makes it difficult to assure compliance.

As government agencies focus on environmental enforcement (including criminal sanctions), businesses are implementing formal environmental compliance auditing programs to identify and correct discrepancies before they result in violations. These programs also demonstrate an organization's commitment to environmental compliance.

SCS Engineers is one of the few consulting firms that specialize in environmental engineering services before the US Environmental Protection Agency was formed in 1970. SCS professionals understand environmental regulations, and have the experience to help clients find a practical approach to attain and maintain compliance. Our services include:

  • Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Technical Negotiations Regarding Compliance Issues
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Strategic Environmental Management
  • ISO 14000 Services, Including Gap Analysis and Implementation
  • Waste Minimization
  • Full Cost Accounting for Environmental Systems
bul.gif (827 byte) What You Should Know Before You Conduct a Compliance
  • Audits take time and money.
  • You need to have the resources and be able to make a commitment to correct non-conforming practices.
  • Legal advice should be sought regarding confidentiality and disclosure issues.

bul.gif (827 byte)  Audit Planning

  • Determine audit priorities and goals.
  • Compile pre-audit background on the facility to be audited (normally using a pre-audit questionnaire).
  • Identify any special regulatory needs, safety precautions, and procedures.

bul.gif (827 byte)  Audit Execution

  • Review files and records.
  • Observe facility conditions.
  • Interview knowledgeable facility personnel.

  The Compliance Audit Team

  • Comprised of experienced engineers, scientists, and other professionals with expertise in the specific industry or regulatory programs being audited.
  • Normally involves participation of those being audited.

SCS Engineers provides environmental compliance audit services to scores of industrial, commercial, institutional, and military clients. For each, we develop an audit format which fits the specific needs of our client. Final reports range from an informal, oral briefing to a written report in multiple volumes.

A hallmark of our approach is recognizing that our clients understand their business and operation better than our audit team does. SCS Engineers provides in-depth technical understanding of environmental regulations and how compliance is achieved in the real world. Together, we develop practical, proven solutions to environmental compliance problems.