Diagnosing and Balancing Landfill Wellfields More Efficiently

March 4, 2024


Field Data Visualization

Using a computer, iPad, or cell phone landfills and renewable energy plants can diagnose and balance wellfields faster and more efficiently. Office and field stay in touch 24/7, shortening compliance time. This week, SCS Field Services demonstrates how it works – in a monthly educational forum open to landfill and landfill gas management, renewable energy staff, and agencies.


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Liquid Level Diagram Report to Improve LFG Extraction – By viewing the real-time relationships between liquids accumulated in landfill gas extraction wells and the perforated portion of the wells, your data shows how liquids impact well perforations, which can reduce, restrict, or prohibit landfill gas extraction. You’ll see well profiles, where the liquids are, if they’re potentially impacting perforations, how much solid pipe is on the well, and where the current liquid elevation is within the well in relation to the amount of perforated pipe.

SCS MobileTools is a portable version of SCS DataServices, which provides data access while the technician conducts field measurements in the wellfield. Technicians can access their historical wellfield data from their smartphone or smart tablet. As the technician progresses through monitoring, the project team gets updates while the data is being collected in the field. SCS MobileTools uploads the data into DataServices, generating updated information like the Liquid Level Diagram Report for the project team.

6-Month Wellfield Data Review Report to Gauge Actions to Results – The Report illustrates wellfield performance over the previous six-month period for the different parameters that owners and operators value. Wellfield trends and progress show at a glance if methane is up, oxygen is down, the balance gas is down, or the flow per well is up. Are you losing the vacuum on any wells? It also provides a visual snapshot assessment of your most current month’s data and is useful to demonstrate if field actions are getting the desired results.

Exceedance Tracking and Exceedance Manager for Compliance Actions – Addressing NSPS exceedances or similar issues is already available in SCS DataServices. The Exceedance Manager details closeouts and actions for state and federal compliance reporting. As your staff works, it builds a record for responding to NSPS, OOO, XXX, and NESHAP Quad A reporting.

So whether you use an air consultant on an individual facility or manage multiple facilities, your staff can get the documented reason of how an exceedance was closed up and exactly when meeting crucial timelines of five days, 15 days, 60 days, 75 days, and 120 days. It provides a good compliance record for the supporting air consultant and regulatory authority.

SCS Surface Emissions Module – SCS has added a Surface Emissions module for uploading, reviewing, and tracking SEM exceedances. Having all of your wellfield and NSPS compliance data in one place provides landfill compliance personnel with peace of mind that all of the data has been captured and is being stored and managed in a single location, while providing easy access to other pertinent wellfield data. We’ll also show you how the Surface Emissions Monitoring features with an Exceedance Manager document NSPS exceedance tracking and cleanup for surface emissions monitoring events.



Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:00 am